Please report any issue you may have on our forum we are aware there are still some issues especially on the visual aspect Plugin for sobi2 Plugin for easyblog JomSocial filter plugin: The geolocation system now record the continents and the timezone. You can now filter your users based on J2. This is a patch release to address a security issue on the file upload custom field. AcyMailing Enterprise – Joomla Extension. Registration is free and easy! New features and improvements One step closer to the Joomla 4 compatibility Tags can now be used in the “From” and “Reply-to” fields of notification emails Improved the Click map feature:

acymailing enterprise 3.5

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Install other languages during the AcyMailing installation You can now delete pictures using our media manager We added an easy interface to create your own template for our plugins, this system is available for the Joomla content insertion only but will be extended to all plugins You can set the colour to each tr of your Newsletter using our editor Filter by date on the Newsletters listing Ability to have several confirmation emails We added an option on our regacymailing plugin to enable you to control the behaviour on Joomla user deletion do you want the Acy user to be deleted as well or should we keep the Acy user?

AcyMailing Enterprise 6.0.3 – Download Free

Did you like our site? Improved the detection of the mailid in the e-mail to handle the bounces AcyMailing Enterprise The front-end edition looks much better, we added icons and more CSS AcyMailing Enterprise Improved the automatic generation of the name during the import We now remove the script and style tags in the automatic text generation We added translations in the language file for the tag system so the tags description can be translated Replace automatically single quotes into double quotes when saving the styles Improved the conversion in ISO to automatically replace euro symbols and quotes properly Bug fix Fixed the error when attaching a file to a new Newsletter Fixed a log out error when importing users without the mbstring extension enabled Fixed the exclamations marks which could appear in a Newsletter using some encoding formats Fixed the bug of inserting the tag with TinyMCE and IE, the tag was not added at the right place the issue still exists with JCE, we are working on it.

Change the owner of the list which will have access to the Newsletter edition on the front-end AcyMailing Enterprise. The functional component provides the ability to group users into mailing lists, including sending individual messages.


AcyMailing Enterprise

AcyMailing Enterprise Added a way to send the Newsletter to new members only if you resend a Newsletter already sent, you will get a message to be able to send only to your new users Created a module to show the latest Newsletters You can now apply an action to subscribers if AcyMailing could not send it after X tries Added an option to send a notification when a user unsubscribes from one list from the module button or the unsubscribe page or the change your subscription page Added a new type for the custom fields to handle the birthday easier AcyMailing Enterprise Improvements CB plugin: Add confirmation on the front-end for the send process and also a way to send only to new users Option to handle horizontal table of contents Grumpy Contacts plugin Improvements Added popup size for archive section in the config The open stats is calculated as well if the user clicks on the unsubscribe link or if he views your online version via the link.

This powerful module makes your site the ultimate news network with ease by displaying your Joomla content with custom CSS and HTML in a module position.

Created a real button to add newsletter from the front-end. OS Property Real Estate 3. Of course, you can still import them from the “Import” page A new option has been added to let you disable the detailed statistics if you don’t need it.

acymailing enterprise 3.5

The newsletter-template import system has been improved to handle external css files as well The subscriber name has been added to the queue listing and detailed stats Our VM 2.

Improved export by using directly the query instead of loading users to avoid memory issues Required field working properly with multiple dropdowns as well Bug fix AcyMailing won’t overwrite existing styles via the inline-css replacement Fixed issue with our birthday plugin on J1.


Security issue Low security issue: Eventlist Event Wall 1. Our menu used to be visible for a few milli-seconds New features and improvements One step closer to the Joomla 4 compatibility Tags can now be used in the “From” and “Reply-to” fields of notification emails Improved the Click map feature: This is an hidden feature to enable you to set up multiple fnterprise after user confirmation.

acymailing enterprise 3.5

New features AcyMailing can handle if statement Added text before and after subscription page when creating a menu You can now select the visible lists and the checked list on the component view when creating a menu Auto repair table if you have some issues during the send process Added a click history on the user profile Added a mail history on the user profile New option on the module to be able to display tableless module so you can move the fields the way you want Added a linkedIn share plugin Improvements Added HikaShop integration for their standalone registration page.


The color picker in our editor is easier to use: Picture left aligned, right aligned Please log in to post a reply. After downloading the archive together with it automatically installs the plugins, and a subscription module. New features You can now add a read more picture in your template which will be used instead of the standard “read more” text You can acymqiling a thumbnail in your newsletter-template We have a super cool editor to edit Aymailing Alt picture handled properly when inserting articles via the tag system Changing the e-mail address of a Joomla user with a new one which already exists in Acy won’t cause problem any more Avoid the “selector missing” issue with DKIM.

acymailing enterprise 3.5

No HTML knowledge required, enjoy the Newsletter creation with our drag and drop editor Real time send process using a queue system with throttling enabling you to overcome ANY server limitation!

AcyMailing Enterprise Added an option to not allow the modification if the user is not the owner of the Newsletter front-end edition: Required fields which are not displayed due to a conditional display are no longer checked on form submission.

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Added a port checker on the Acy configuration page You can add the extra parameter “subcats” to your article tag to content from subcategories Added an option to export only enabled users filter based on message “not sent” added simple ACL check with the standard Joomla ACL system Improvements Save the import data import from database Added an option to display VM prices with tax Use tags in the unsubscribe options as well: New features Added a new screen enabling you to see who clicked on which link from AcyMailing Business.

The Enterprise edition of AcyMailing is used The version 6. This way you can test everything the way you want and it won’t be added to the final statistics.

AcyMailing Enterprise – Joomla Extension. AcyMailing is translated in more than acymailong languages! Improved design of the AcyMailing user profile when you don’t have custom fields.