Honeycomb – Alpha Flight Controls. On the propeller blades you can see the logo of the company who made them. The entire model is highly detailed. While flying I could achieve over 90FPS. Also included is the usual information about how to take-off, climb, cruise, decent and land.

aerosoft wilga x

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A classic Polish GA aircraft. Wigla Virtual Cockpit is made up of high definition photo textures. I recommend it without any doubt that you will be satisfied with this add-on. I did not notice any negative impact.

Great detail on the propellers.

Carenado – Premier IA. What I Like About the Wilga. The only think I can distinguish is a numeric keyboard….

Fantastic Night Lighting in the Virtual Cockpit. Aerodynamically it is terrible! I never got used to this feature — after hundreds of hours in western-built planes I automatically interpret a needle pointing up as a 0.


Aerosoft – Wilga X (FSX) Rip

It is more then a Cessna R. But it is totally dependable, very easy to fly and you can land on a dime. I compared it with a real one — there are no significant differences. What is above average. When you get used to this arrangement of throttles you may see two spigots that look like they were taken from hydraulic installation in your basement. Full new build for Prepar3D V4 only. Get used to this instruments — speed is shown in kilometers per hour.

AVSIM Online – Flight Simulation’s Number 1 Site!

Simulators for beginners and advanced. Flight Dynamics need some tweaking Sounds for switches and knobs could be better. While flying I could achieve over 90FPS. There are even wires running down from the aircraft to the gear!

aerosoft wilga x

The Wilga 35A is extremely frame rate friendly. Turn it off and you will go down like a brick.

Honeycomb – Alpha Flight Controls. Look at this throttles — there are two in this cramped cockpit. We are very happy to see all the Active-Sky products in our line-up now. Overall, I felt the flight dynamics were average.


aerosoft wilga x

Alabeo – DA42 Twin Star. Installation is easy with the automatic installer. Most of the switches in the VC have a sound effect accompanying them. The wings are full of detail, they are so detailed you can count each rivet.

aerosoft wilga x

In my opinion, if you are a GA fan then this is a wilgx have. Wilga seen from the ground. Aerosoft Wilga X — product page. Another few pages — with aircraft specifications.