Outdoor Activity should be During free play, teacher acts as a planner, facilitator, play carried out every day as follows: Mastura binti Badzis International Islamic University Honesty Be truthful, sincere and trustworthy in Kindness Aware of the needs and welfare of self every deed. Moral feelings create moral motivations and intentions to act based on empathy and sympathy towards oneself and others. Bahasa Melayu is used as the instructional language for flexibility to arrrange the timetable according to the needs of at least minutes in preschools where Bahasa Melayu pupils.

buku kspk

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KM 3 Be responsible in caring for 1 Can recognise symbols of public facilities. This strand comprises of Early Science environment, the country and the world as well as instilling and Early Mathematics. It is not allowed to use any part, illustration or content of this book in any form whether electronically, photocopied or recorded or in any other form without getting bumu written consent from the Director, Curriculum Development Division, Ministry of Education, Levels 4 — 8, Block E9, Parcel E, Federal Government Administrative Complex, Putrajaya.

Moral Education must be taught in preschools if there are Total at least 5 or more non-Muslim pupils for at least two hours a week. There are various ways and encourage the involvement of preschoolers actively.


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Teachers facilitate and guide implemented for teaching and learning in the classroom for the learning activity. Parts of body such as hand span, foot, fathom and handful. Use language to communicate effectively.

PM 4 Courtesy — Be polite in speech 1 Can state examples of polite speech and behaviour. Cooperation Work together for mutual benefit. The development of leadership and personality is preschool pupils. Upon completion of learning activities in Moral Education, pupils can: Upon completion of learning activities in the Personal Competence Strand, pupils can: Assessment encompasses cognitive, affective and psychomotor aspects in tandem with the National Preschool Standard-Based Curriculum.

Menulis perkataan, frasa dan ayat mudah. BI 3 Read single syllable words 1 Can recognise letters of the alphabet. It is a basic and important continuous process in Preschool Standard-Based Curriculum. Non-standard units are measurements used as mspk of reference.

buku kspk

FK6 Personal and Reproductive 1 Can look after personal health with guidance. In includes circle time, recess and reflection.

Shingo Kindergarten: BUKU PANDUAN GURU KSPK

The application of and citizenship which are practised in daily life. HOTs encompasses critical and creative thinking skills, reasoning and thinking strategies. English Language is used as the instructional language 2. KD 3 Develop positive self-concept 1 Can demonstrate positive self-concept with stimulation. Help Center Find new research papers in: Moral Reasoning Having the mental ability to identify good from bad behaviour and right from wrong.



buku kspk

Can recite kalimah syahadah and state the meaning in the correct 3 manner. Every pupil has various intelligences and ways of thinking, responding and learning Contextual Learning which differ from one another.

KD 5 Develop confidence to 1 Kspj interact with certain people only. Diligence Being hardworking, dedicated and putting in continuous effort in performing tasks.


MA 11 Usage of money of different 1 Kspo recognise and say the value of money only. Integrated Learning 8.

Mastura binti Badzis International Islamic University Examples of matching one to one are as follows: Mastery Learning Project-Based Learning Mastery learning ensures all pupils have acquired the expected Project-based learning focuses on systematically planned learning objectives before moving on to the next lesson.

buku kspk