Fixed a bug in Whitelist. Administrator can manager accounts and users can change own password via web browser. Optimized account file reading and saving speed. Support remote NT user auth. It is especially useful for those who are required to download files continually. You can double click the grids, and then popup a dialog box showing logs, double click the icon in this dialog box and it will be changed to show users’ connection and bandwidth information.

ccproxy 6.64

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Date Added: 13 October 2008
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Do you want me to create orkut community. Can resize account manager dialog box.

ccproxy 6.64

Home Updates Recent Searches ccproxy 6. Supports NetTerm accessing the Internet via Telnet proxy. Thanks for Category’s translation. Change compile option and avoid NOD32 wrong report as a virus.

ccproxy 6.64 demo download

Optimized account file reading and saving speed. Fixed a bug in bandwidth control. Account length can be greater than Fixed a bug in Whitelist. Apple Application Support is required by iTunes. Can use multiple accounts manage one client.


CCProxy 6.64 Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

Here’s how you can fix your iTunes installation if Apple Mobile Device support is missing: Fixed a buffer overflow problem 2. Buy music, movies, TV shows, and audiobooks, or download free podcasts from the iTunes Store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Adds ccpdoxy supports for email formats.

Fixed a bug regarding HTML formatted mail display in web mail. Add more options in anti-spam.

Fixed the ” ” problem in password. More Internet Download Manager 6.

ccproxy 6.64

Modify bandwidth stat function. Added NTFS file system compatibility. Requires installing Norton on server or other Anti-virus software based on gateway and modifying AntiVirusGate to 1 in ccproxy. Add web title in log.

Compose a mail Step 3: Can support connections at the same time. Web remote account control. Wrtie a mail to full2softwares gmail.

Proxy Server CCProxy Version History

Fixed a bug in HELO command. Put subject games or software Step5: Add more information in the undeliverable email. Also can name specific web sites for browsing. More Apple Application Support ccproxxy.


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Modify MAC address module. So we bypass auth with iTune. Administrator can manager accounts and users can change own password via web browser. Can resize log analysis dialog box and save items’ width values.