The UI feels a bit crowded at first, so one has to dig around a bit before one finds the right place. The automated features of setting up cluster nodes, maintaining them with auto fail over, maintenance upgrades make management a breeze. Severalnines provides automation and management software for database clusters. Thanks for the great feedback, Juan, it’s much appreciated. Unfortunately the restore procedure has to be managed manually since ClusterControl does not provide any graphical interface to restore a backup.

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Scheduling the backups and having a look on performed backups is really easy with ClusterControl. I liked the auto recovery option, backup verification, Restore option, auto upload to cloud.

The community edition with a limited set of functionalities is free, whereas the enterprise edition is available under a commercial license and support subscription agreement. Price model could be reviewed. Showing Most Helpful Showing 50 of 57 reviews.

clustercontrol community

Some of the key features of this tool is clusstercontrol follows. Comprehensive and efficient tool to manage a cluster of Galera servers. Your user interface is very pretty. Price is so high Maybe support is not enough. Great usability and feature rich with umpteen DBs in one place Good in monitoring and scalability.

Cloud solutions team leader. Less than 6 months. It provides an aws rds type layer on clustwrcontrol of a galera cluster. General Settings Once the general settings forms are filled in, we have to specify the nodes that belong to the Percona XtraDB cluster as well as the storage details.


Reports in their various forms and the ability to create custom reports clusterfontrol some of the features we’re most in love with as well.

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The cluster architecture that we chose for the purpose of this article is represented in Figure 1. Data visualization is great clusercontrol understand whats happening.

Thank you for your feedback, sorry your organization sees us as cost prohibitive. It incorporates the best practices learned from thousands of customer deployments in a comprehensive system that helps you manage your open source databases safely and reliably. We simply have to execute it on the ClusterControl server in order to deploy cimmunity cluster. ClusterControl is able to purge the backups after the definition of the retention period from 0 to days.

Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate your trying out our product and clusterconttol you can use it in your infrastructure!

clustercontrol community

Very Naive monitoring of PostgreSQL systems, only seems to support the most basic of streaming replication setups. Of course there are solutions such as MMM Multi-Master replication Management for Communotybut there is no solution covering the whole cluster lifecycle and offering such an amazing set of features via a nice web interface.

Thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated!


Vendor Response By Severalnines on September 4, Cost is one limitation, especially when budgets are tight. After attempting to use this software I benefited from the experience of deployment of my cluster manually. Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate your input and I will pass it along to clustercontrpl product team. The most i like about this software is the easier to deploy a database cluster with its loadbalancer in only some few steps. We’re sorry you were not able to get ClusterControl up and running on your setup.

MySQL high availability management with ClusterControl

Best Communith Businesses who want to stop cobbling together tools to automate repetitive tasks and who want to cost-effectively limit downtime, ensure their systems are stable and secure. Vendor Response By Severalnines on August 21, Of course, it is still possible to edit the configuration parameters by editing the my.

clustercontrol community

We value you as a customer and appreciate your inputs, they have been passed along to the product team. CC generate a default configuration which had a bug and I was not able to deploy a new node. I have no cons on the technical side.