The best thing to do at that point is to load the autosave file and hope it doesn’t happen again. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read View source View history. We are looking for translators! We are aware of an issue affecting players running the game in French.


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Once you have a patch set copy the. The CorsixTH translation project on Transifex. Read the details and download from https: If your game crashes, please try playing the latest autosave in English to see if that solves it. In the mean time we suggest corsicth level designers copy their full 0.

CorsixTH for Android

And you will probably get help a little faster if you ask in our IRC channel, corsix -th on the Freenode server. Finally, we have Mac OSX builds for version 0. Would you like to be one of the first to try it out? Discover new games and try Origin today.

CorsixTH for Android | Armed Pineapple

See the full release notes, and download from:. Right now Theme Hospital is “On the house” over at Origin! If you want the true old-school experience, connect a USB mouse and keyboard and play the game just like on a PC this is actually the only control method that allows you to name savegames anything other corsixtu “p”.


We are looking for translators! If you don’t have a copy of the original game you can get the demo version although it only has one level and is missing several features or purchase it from gog.

Of course you should report any other bugs that is not related to the epidemics patch also. Open corisxth clone of Theme Hospital.

Sezioni di questa pagina. However since the wii has no midi hardware you will need timidity-compatible instrument patch files such as those found at the Freepats project. The bugs can be reported in the GitHub, and any questions can corsixht posted there too. Generally we want to test “everything” regarding these patches, but pay extra attention to the balance difficultythat the epidemic appears at the right time, and look out for bugs.

Retrieved from ” https: What does this bring to the table? corsixfh

CorsixTH – WiiBrew

The CorsixTH project is still a work a progress, and there are bugs. All you have to do is have the newest release of CTH installed already, download the latest epidemics patches from GitHub, try to find any bugs, and report any bugs found. We are always looking for more developers, artists graphics and sound and translators.



We are aware of an issue affecting players running the game in French. Please stay for a while. Post delle persone che visitano la Pagina.


Community Hackmii Other sites. Help us test it so that we can squash any serious bugs before we release it for real: If possible try and use a smaller patch set which uses substitute instruments, since there’s not a forsixth of memory available for example if using the freepats set use crude. What makes it different? The best thing to do at that point is to load the autosave file and hope it doesn’t happen again.

The original Corsix-TH project can be found here. Perhaps I will pick it up again when all features have been added and are stable. Thank you all for testing.