This is the type of song I lose my shit to at parties. Never has a track been so accurately titled. NL] This is the type of song I lose my shit to at parties. Bust ‘Em Up remixes EP. Want to see more posts tagged skitzofrenix?

crookers ghetto guetta mp3

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The Gonzo Anthem EP. The Gonzo Anthem remixes.

Ghetto Guetta Dilligas Remix Free Mp3 Download 320 kbps

Get My Mind Right feat. Judge JulesChris Lake.

crookers ghetto guetta mp3

DJ RuddAstronomar. Waiting for this release. HouseElectro House Release Date: The compilation also spans many different sub-genres of house, from booty, electro, tech and more dancehall-inspired tunes, creating one hell of a party and one beauty of an addition to Southern Fried’s catalogue!

Their first outing, the stutter-tastic “Bust ‘Em Up” done with Savage Skulls is thankfully included, while guests including His Majesty Andre, Style of Eye, Surkin, Neotric and Wax Motif make for an impressive supporting cast, especially on the gabba-techno recalling “Texx”.

Shorn of their original chewy basslines and fidgety drums, Crookers in are tighter and leaner, as evidenced by spooky opener “Dushi”, while the demented leads and sub-punishing simple bass thuds of “Dr Gonzo’s Anthem” are also a treat. That raw and wild shit.


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Old to new Date: This should get you ready for summer. Ask dearneurotypicals a question skitzofrenix ableism tw anon sweet nurse. Magik Johnson – “Magik Johnson: As Phra continues to fly the Crookers flag solo, Southern Fried have compiled some of the best guerta they ever commissioned. Ambient – Various Artists mp3 download External image. Crookers Remixed Part 2 Bumpers.

crookers ghetto guetta mp3

The rest of the release is just as good we highly recommend it. September 17, ; Format – Music: Respek di Woman Skitzofrenix.

Ambient – Various Artists.

DILLIGAS feat. Crookers

This is definitely the sort of music you can see yourself whiling away the night to and the pounding percussive lines don’t get repetitive. There’s over forty-five tracks on here so it should keep you moving and warm for the entire duration of the summer, not to mention Doorly’s ingenious mixing and mash-up style.

This is the type of song I lose my shit to at parties. Elsewhere there’s a couple more remixes of “Beautiful” which are equally impressive but for our money it’s all about Kry Wolf’s druggy, party-starting tech house makeover which will get the adrenalin levels peaking with its tough beat, funky bassline and trippy elements all working in harmony.


Respek Di Woman Snippet Skitzofrenix snippet. Coming on like the demented imaginings of a bunch of laughing gas-guzzling nutters or, in this case, Crookers and Style Of Eye”That Laughing Track” features swathces of maniacal laughter layered over the sort of gut-busting, scattergun rave percussion that should send ravers absolutely bonkers.

NL ] by vatogonzalez http: Italian electro house legend Crookers returns with the booming, bass heavy house of “Get My Mind Right”. Hype and Funk Droppin That Skitzofrenix. Skitzofrenix – Clap Alternator’s Kick Edit soundcloud. Ashley Beedle The remixes. Progressing from underground remix heroes to full-on electro superstars in a breathless whirl, the Crookers have learned the lessons from their debut LP. Man Recordings DJ Picks 1: BB 25 Aug 17 Deep House.

crookers ghetto guetta mp3

In between these polar opposites, there’s the scary vocals, dank acid licks and belching bass of the rework of Chicken Lips’ “Dromp” and the pulsing s and eerie synths on the reshape of His Majesty Andre’s “Hymn”.