For example, you can now use the following code to query a list of customers from the repository. You handle this command to reject all the pending changes made in the UXGridView. Luckily, the RC release shipped with an example based on the above scenarios. We provide two kind of support for DevForce which are detailed in the following sections. Separate model projects Silverlight Code sample: The successful integration b From the user interface perspective, all you need to do is to set the CanUserExport property to true.

devforce 2012

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Config files Code sample: DateTime CreatedDate member that is getting a default value of Today no time component. We provide two kind of support for DevForce which are detailed in the following sections.

DevForce Support in ClientUI for Silverlight & WPF | Intersoft Solutions Corporate Blog

To devforcs a row using mouse: Another popular scenario that can be achieved using the group converter is the value list capability where more meaningful information can be displayed in the group header instead of useless IDs, for instances, displaying the actual name of a category instead of the ID such as shown below.

Notify me of new posts via email. I recommend you to go with this defvorce if your existing application is considerably large and you prefer to do the transition in progressive fashion.


Sorry for the confusion. Getting Started Viewer If the above scenario shows XPSDocumentViewer loading rich media content, this specific sample demonstrate its powerful multiple page document loading capability without any slow down.

devforce 2012

In addition, various user experience features are also demonstrated like column freezing, paging, and more. Try the sample here to discover more features. This sample demonstrates UXTreeView with its blazing-fast loading regardless of the structure.

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I had thought you were looking for the T4 templates. NET membership and roles Silverlight Code sample: However, in the latest DevForce installation 7. If you have any questions regarding the CUD operation, please post some questions in our community website. The lambda expression is replaced with following line of code. Unlike other grids, the data exporting in UXGridView supports both server-side and client-side mode.

DevForce 2012 Support in ClientUI for Silverlight & WPF

Another great feature is the background loading. According to the documentation for on ” Customizing the DevForce code generation template “, these files should have been available in the installation package: The two models are not only independent in the code, but they are also mapped to two different physical databases, which will be automatically created for you using the embedded SQL Server Compact. The NuGet Team does not provide support for this client. The read-only binding expression at row level, if returns true when evaluated, will supersede the read-only binding expression at the cell level.


Normally not a problem if you restart your process but when used in a long running Windows Service this Date value gets stale. Especially when using the various zooming feature, you will notice that the document is displayed at its best quality even during the zooming process. For example when an asset status is sold, the Service Date column is lock for editing. You are commenting using your Facebook account. This feature also works with data editing. Back in DevForcethe source code for DomainModelTemplate and related files was included in the installation package:.

DevForce version 7. Please post your feedback, questions or issues to our community forum.

devforce 2012

For instances, showing a Reorder hyperlink button in the case that the products were out-of-stock. Second Click Begin edit to the current selected cell after the row is 2102.

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