Ewaa Tsadeani Oud Solo. Laow Ala Albi Oud Solo. Baad Al Foura 1 Solo. Dehkat Aldonya Hafla Solo. Best of the 90’s Solo. Ya Zalimni Sahret Tarab Solo.

fadel shaker ya msaharni el leil

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Nar el Shok Saharni el Shok Solo. Ma Hobi Solo. Tadri Leh Saharni el Shok Solo.

Fadl Shaker Discography & Songs

Gowaya Egyptian Remix Solo. Khalast Kalamk Jerouh Solo. Yana Yana Sahrate Tarab Solo. And this song smaharni definitely a song to remember, propelling him forward as he moved into a successful.

Hobbak Khayal Hafla Solo. Tamer Hosny released this song after it was featured in his comedy film, Omar w Salma. This was one of the few times a non-Khaleeji artist would recorded a Khaleeji album.

Qudsona ‘Anasheed Fadel Solo. MBC 1 Hafla Solo.

fadel shaker ya msaharni el leil

Yara, who is Lebanese, had the guts to do it Baad Al Foura 3 Solo. Qalbi Ayish Ma’a Hobi Solo. Baada Wl Bal Rotana Presents: Ten years later, it’s still a beautiful classic that you just have to sing to whenever it plays.


Fadl Shaker

George Wassouf Oud Solo. Mathar Feyei Oud Solo. Best of Rotana Solo. Qudsah – Single Solo. Law ‘Ala Qalbe Musicana 9 Solo. Weftara’ena Baada Aal Bal Solo. You won’t believe these Arabic songs are 10 years old Yep, we’re getting old. But the ugly truth, my friends, we’re getting older. But inShaker separated himself from Assir and is now going on with his normal life.

Fadl Shaker lyrics and translations

Mea’ther Feya Musicana 13 Solo. This is probably one of the most remembered and iconic songs ever!

fadel shaker ya msaharni el leil

Wadatak Allah We’Allam Solo. Fadel Shaker was known as the prince of Tarab. Toba Sahret Tarab Solo.

Ana Bahebak Egyptian Remix Solo. Snin el Shok Saharni el Shok Solo. Laow Ala Albi Oud Solo.

fadel shaker ya msaharni el leil

Shakhbat Shakhabit – Nancy Ajram. Saharni el Shok Saharni el Shok Solo. Snin el Shoq Egyptian Remix Solo.