Dear visitor, you went to the site as unregistered user. This reader reads only GSM pas. Signup process takes just 10 sec to go. Not the cheapest option, but it does seem to work very well. This proves to be quite secure, but does leave the phone quite a long way from the eyepiece. Orthos down to the smallest size were held very securely, and without obstructing the barrel, and my 24mm Panoptic also fitted snuggly.

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The 24mm Panoptic is bigger but still clamped very easily and securely.

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The prongs are adjusted via the thumb wheel on the top of the mount, and have the benefit of centreing the eyepiece on the hole so that you don’t have to worry of getting things aligned, at least from the eyepiece perspective. This was quite a surprise, and somehow showed that the complexity of the NeXYZ might be overkill to a degree.

fonemate driver

To clamp an eyepiece, you loosen the orange locking nut, squeeze the handle to open the clamp, put the eyepiece in place and release the handle. It manages to cope with my iPhone 6 Plus easily, even though the camera is tucked away in the top fonemats. The phone holding mechanism is identical to the Orion Steadypix, druver no explanation needed there really.

Yes, you can voyage pas on both and you can see which one the call is coming to.

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Positioning the phone relative to the eyepiece is achieved by adjusting its height in the clamp, and also by the movement of the phone gonemate relative to the eyepiece clamp. These eyepieces have short eye relief so the phone needs to be mounted close to the exit lens, and this is tricky for these eyepieces.


There are ways around this by packing out behind the bottom of the phone as shown in one image but that shouldn’t have to fonemaate the case.

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If you have Televue eyepieces then it is an excellent product, if not, or if you have a mix then others are better as this only fits Televue. Further testing required to check this out.

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Televue Eyepiece Specs My 24mm Panoptic is listed as not compatible, but I bought the Dioptrix adapter for it and that allowed the Fonemate to attach. The 18mm worked very well, but I found that the smaller eyepieces just aren’t big enough to leave enough barrel to be securely held in the scope diagonal. Sanford, NC 3 friends opening one of the. The phone clamping mechanism is very good, and with a wide range of adjustment.

You then tighten down the orange locking nut until the clamp holds the eyepiece securely. Two self adhesive rubber strips supplied with the mount can be applied to the flat mounting surface and this really does improve the grip, holding the phone more tightly against the clamps. In practise the mount was very easy to use, I had no problems even when my scope mount was slewing around the sky and turning the eyepiece upside down, the phone stayed put.

After the high end of the Orion Steadypix and the Celestron NeXYZ, I found this Solomark entry level mount in my bits box and thought I would try it out again I think it was my first mount some years ago.

fonemate driver

Not the cheapest option, but it does seem to work very well. This is similar to the Televue Fonemate mount, but with the ability to attach to a wide range of different eyepieces via the three pronged clamping mechanism. Fifa crack exe free download. In many ways it is almost perfect in terms of the range of adjustment, but certain elements let it down. Some Amigo 10 pas have a SIM voyage or eSIM in them that lets you connect to a cellular voyage voyage, so you can get online in more pas by using a cellular signal.


Televue Dioptrix Adapter It is a very simple system, place the eyepiece in position then tighten down the locking ring and it is held perfectly centred. I will check sometimes soon.

fonemate driver

It seems to work well on straight sided eyepieces; it suited my Baader Genuine Orthos well, but also coped with a 24mm Panoptic. It appears to function very well; the eyepiece clamp is effective and the phone clamping mechanism whilst being a little fiddly still works well. It does not appear to fit any of my larger 2″ eyepieces; it will clamp around the top part where the eyeguard attaches but sits away from the eyepiece so will likely crop the outer parts of the field of view.

X and Y are adjusted by two black ribbed thumbwheels positioned on the same axle, a convenient arrangement although I can never remember which is which.

In all honesty Fomemate haven’t tried this combination in the scope, so it may work, or it may lead to a reduced field of view. The eyepiece holding mechanism is a self centring type, adjusted by rotating the outer rim. Dear visitor, you went to the site as unregistered user.