The Airbus A is a wide-body twin-engine jet airliner made by Airbus. Please read our Help For New Flightsimmers. Home Features Reviews Review: All times are GMT For this title, that will be the Airbus A Other than that, the exterior also boasts a reduction in about 10 FPS.

fsx cls a330

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Airbus also boosted fuel capacity by using the center sectionL 36, US gal fuel tank, standard in the A Thus, for those of you without dedicated gaming computer, capable of running FSX with full settings at high FPS, I do not really recommend this aircraft for you.

– Review: CLS Airbus A

My main focus is to operate these aircraft economically, which is the airline’s goal. This will give you the info you need to get started flying and using this web site. The second major setback for the aircraft is that the virtual cockpit sometimes just disappears. The time now is Rsx my brief trials, I was careful to use recommended trim, flap, slat, pitch, and N1 settings during take off and climb.

I was not disappointed. First Impressions I did not have very good first impressions of this aircraft, mainly because it is rather buggy. I am the unfortunate owner of this addon, which I can only describe as rubbish, after fwx this review I am left wondering if I have the fsd product. It is not a simple exterior, but rather has plenty of animations, and CLS even threw in a pushback tug.


I find the aircraft also to have very good textures on the exterior, unlike glitchy freeware textures, which definitely gives a boost to the realism factor of the aircraft. There is a paid expansion package that has significant improvements. I searched for quite some time on the internet for a solution, and found one eventually. Published on Other than that, the exterior also boasts a reduction in about 10 FPS.

Not exactly a whole different than the way GE makes appliances.

Good review as well. I experienced no issues performance. Home Features Reviews Review: So, let’s begin with the review!

Airbus Collection Long Haul

Originally Posted by jandcbear. I’ll stop here for the exterior. I try to imagine each of these Airbus A and As trying to compete with Boeing in the market and succeeding or failing based on the merits as well fss on package price deals. Although I would like to compliment the CLS customer support for the answer, I have to critise CLS for not solving the problem during the development stage.


All times are GMT Add to this the high levels of automation and you have “not a lot to compare and contrast models”.

fsx cls a330

Originally Posted by sith. Many models, all similar in size shape and color, available to meet just about any requirement. Image Gallery provided by DragonByte Gallery v1.

The A is a shortened, longer-range variant, which entered service in Meng Yu Suggested Price: If you have a33 additional questions that you would like to see addressed, please use the comments section below to ask me. Next, I was able now to see what the Airbus strategy was in terms of aircraft design.

I do have one problem: So, my challenge herein was to look well past the relative simplistic model made more problematic by the Airbus design philosophy, which is basically “commonality” at almost every turn.

fsx cls a330