Zaman moden semua ada smartphone kan. Tell us did you always want to play a fireman? Author Post time He is thankful to director Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri for offering him the title role of Qhaliq, because it will make viewers appreciate another side of him. Gurunya pun gitu gak.. Did Qhaliq encourage you to audition for Paskal and Polis Evo 2?

gambar hairul dan leen

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Have you done many projects together? Nevertheless, playing a commando is more exciting.

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Fortunately he passed the test with flying colours and was even praised by real-life Fire and Rescue Services Department officials. He is thankful to director Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri for offering him the title role of Qhaliq, because it will make viewers appreciate another side of him. Haritu si awal ngan gamhar pun bukan nampak mesra sgt dgn HA ni time meletop. Xde rasa hormat pd org lain. Tell us your coming projects.

Polis Evo 2 later this year will have him join fellow action heroes Shaheizy Sam and Zizan Razak busting ruthless crime lords, while Paskal which opens in will see him play a real-life Royal Malaysian Navy Special Force commander.


Hanis told me he did.

He chooses to become a fireman because he wants to help people in distress. What type of movies do you want to appear in, other than action?

Takut nnt org x suka dgn fiil dan ketidakprihatinan dia, nnt xde lren dlm dunia lakonan dah. Rakyat dah ketagih teh boba.

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However, Qhaliq becomes her close friend, and gradually love blossoms between them. Hairul, who is married to TV host and blogger Hanis Zalikha, and whose two-year-old son Yusuf Iskandar is a celebrity in his own right, admits that playing a tough guy has always been his goal as an actor.

What are the most important lessons they taught you?

gambar hairul dan leen

The firemen who trained me were down-to-earth and patient, and the most important lesson I learnt from them was to cherish life and care for others. Qhalisya is unhappy that her father does not spend quality time with his family. Will you be going on a roadshow to promote Qhaliq?

gambar hairul dan leen

Tu yg sesuai mertua-menantu tu. Along the way, he also learns that firemen do not merely save lives, but also educate the public on how to become rescuers in their own right.


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My wife and parents encouraged me to go for it and do my best, since action is my passion. Qhaliq comes from the village, and has had a tough life. Hairul Azreen centre with fellow firemen and officials. Supaya hidup mereka lebih tenang.

Credits 0, For the next level needed Credits. Author Post time Tell us about lesn character. Gambar husband akak tgh nak suap makanan pun kami x pernah post kat mana2 socmed. Xan lusa dah beli, wajib tayang.

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Mmg sungguh kekrol baca forum ni. Tell us all about the difficulty you faced training for your role in Qhaliq.

gambar hairul dan leen

Kalau iye, takkanlah dok tayang acah2 je. Anybody in your family was one? Mesti terus tayang kereta tu sebiji terus!