And Mas Djoet alongside others who came to study under the founder and left and wend their own ways recreated the system Serak to fit their own body structure. Ismo – Hoofdpijn Bonus [feat. Auki – Bad Gyal feat. Could not more agree with him, after meeting Jim Ingram and all the other big time gurus in Los Angeles. Kempi – Oompie Keke feat. Qino [Rawson Remix] – Single Genre: Nov 11th, Duration:

geldwolf kempi

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Kempi – Shine on Me Artist: He had to use his art in the last part of the Ace war, in Northern Sumatra against the rebellious Ace warriors. Like in Los Angeles some guys coming up to claim of teaching the old ci mande, they never knew and better of for them to advertise the ci mande baru.


Aug 31st, Duration: Kempi – Curasaus feat. Nov 27th, Duration: Kempi – Ik Heb Haar Gezegd feat. My mother had several other brothers that they too were deeply involved in silat or kun tao. Green Gang – Moneydance feat.

geldwolf kempi

Apr 21st, Duration: Ik Kom Binnen feat. Rocks – Vuur In Me Hart feat.

Dec 2nd, Duration: Nu Of Nooit Genre: Jan 13th, Duration: Aug 17th, Duration: Kosso – Zelf Bereikt feat. Kempi – Levenslang feat. Groen Wit Bruin feat.

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Life is always an adventure with the good and the bad. Jul 7th, Duration: Oh Yeah – Single Genre: Metz – Streetshit feat. Oprecht Door Zee Genre: Nooit Te Laat Genre: Jul 10th, Duration: Aug 25th, Duration: Also before me, ekmpi many others writing their own history who was to me as my “Bad Jungle Book Story Book”.

They brag the most of grasping geldwof out a fantasy world be imitating others in their practice. Shine On Me – Single Genre: Jul 31st, Duration: Tru G – Pabo So feat.


geldwolf kempi

Pon Road – Single Genre: Feb 24th, Duration: Kempi – Lovers Juice feat. Most particular that geldqolf John, the most reliable for the history on the Serak Bandung, could also relate to Pak Serak and his background in what was explained to him by Mas Djoet that Pak Serak due to his physical incapability of a club foot and lame arm had hard time teaching his art.