Dreamy Cheerful Pastoral Positive. Ballermann , released in , [2] featured new classically trained keyboardist Mist Volker Kahrs. This feeling is fully represented in “Severity Town”. Maybe this little extra craziness that could be found in their earlier releases. Grobschnitt Rockpommel’s land – Brain. All in all a fine CD. Not really essential nor very original, but very interesting and enjoyable.

grobschnitt rockpommels land

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With whimsical story telling and a delightful floating symphonic sound Grobschnitt takes you on a prog rock fairytale!

Rockpommel’s Land – Grobschnitt | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Confirmed concert releases are:. The ideas are so straightforward, yet it does sound like the band really spent a lot of time planning things out- the arrangements are good, but I just don’t like the material. Grade and Final Thoughts Although we should talk about progressive rock in ProgArchiveslots of people just don’t like changes, but guess what?

Grobschnitt, that by the time was a very expierenced symphonic rock group, gives us the perfect balance between story and music. Former band member Mist Volker Kahrs died on July 20, at age From its magic opening with smooth bells, the tune evolves and grows in intensity more and more to a beautiful melancholic melody.

Altough this album sounds a lot like Yes or even Genesis, and the album cover is roger- dean-like, it still has its own style Interesting ideas, but slightly too long. Now, i am finally taking off on my way to heaven!!!


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grobschnitt rockpommels land

As was common with many German bands of the time, Grobschnitt sang in Grobschnutt until the early s, despite touring exclusively in West Germany. Even down to the false Roger Dean cover although a good drawings, it borrows grobschnift to the masterthe relatively hollow concept a boy Ernie escaping to a dream world with some kind of huge bird piloting him aroundand very borrowed sounds from gorbschnitt of the English super-prog bands of the time.

Second because i want to listen to good music and not to humorous music, since the joke gradually loses its ability to amuse as time passes. There is enough originality here so it does not feel like a copycat band. Both “Ernie’s Reise” and “Severity Town” introduce Wildswein’s soft vocals and the finesse of both the electric and acoustic guitar. This album doesn’t work very well for me.

Rockpommel’s Land

I first discovered grobschnitt with “solar music live” wich is exellentand I recently got this rockpommel’s land because I wanted to know more about this great band. The acousticguitar intro leads you right into the world of “Ernie’s Reise” and even the street noise with the car crash and a man shouting in “Severity Town” does not bother the listeners mind. The album is just great! A bit short, isn’t it?

grobschnitt rockpommels land

Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. More narration after 8 minutes. The band is at their peak and they really made a maximum effort. Actually, the long vocals part is not really interesting but it lasts for about ten minutes.


Another rock-pop album named Fantasten followed in Views Read Edit View history. Dubbed “Next Party”, they performed several concerts in and At times this track vaguely resembles to “Supper’s Ready” but it is not really evident.

The fairy tale is about a fantastical giant bird that befriends a small boy, and the two travel to mystical places and far-off lands together, experiencing their share of adventure and misfortune along the way. Eroc and his mates were in the midst of their most creative period here. Masterpiece is exactly what this album has to be called forever!!! Grobschnitt, unlike other bands, utilized humor in their music in the form of unexpected noises and silly lyrics and concepts.

Novalis, Holderlin except for their fabulous debutAnyone’s Daughter, and many more are there to prove my point. One interesting thing about this album is that it has the same album structure as Eloy’s Ocean, also from Vocals a minute in.

grobschnitt rockpommels land