Additionally, you can control your Hifidelio with the help of the remote control or through the web browser user interface on your computer. Already imported songs can be played back immediately. Always make sure that the music files for example downloads from the Internet are properly licensed, i. You should correct the date settings of your Hifidelio see section 6. The Hifidelio is a music server to be connected to your stereo system and is designed to store your complete music library and play it back. Do not use force on switches, controls or connection wires. If the Hifidelio database becomes corrupted, you can restore a former version from these files.

hifidelio software 2.4

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Place the Hifidelio on a stable and level surface within the reach of your Hi-fi components. First postso I apologise if this hiffidelio already been covered elsewhere.

With the help of the wrap mechanism, you can navigate within a long analogue record from its end to its beginning, or vice versa see section 1.

Pressing this function key during the recording process separates individual tracks. Select directly from the main menu the option “Info” and then “Version”.

hifidelio software 2.4

Each time the HF starts it make a local copy of the database. By turning the outer Turn ring counter clockwise the previous menu level is reached again. Upon the first use of your Hifidelio or after having had switched it off for a long period of time, you will be asked to enter the proper date and time.


hifidelio software 2.4

With the help of the inner Select wheel 11select a character from the alphanumerical list at the bottom and confirm your choice by turning the outer Turn ring 11 slightly to the right. The library contains all the meta information about your collection like albums, songs, artist, etc. The inside front page shows a drawing of the front of the remote control unit.

The bracketed numbers refer to the numbers in these drawings. Music files and meta data are not affected. Power sources — Before plugging your unit into the AC main supply, make sure that the voltage indicated at the back of the unit complies with the local main voltage. You can even playback songs located in the Import folder. The Hifidelio recovers the state of the backup copy. User Manual – images.

Hifidelio user manual

The local IP network of the Hifidelio Ethernet has the address range Use the numerical keypad to enter the number. If your Hifidelio is not connected to the Internet, you can load the current software version onto your Hifidelio with the help of the Leonore web browser interface. Stop Cursor right or left: Used batteries must be disposed hifkdelio properly in appropriate waste sites according to local environmental laws and guidelines.

No password is necessary. Hifideliio the backup operation all function keys are locked.


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Of course, you may add your own genre by just typing an appropriate text into the genre field of a song, album, or artist see section 1. The following table shows the meaning of further icons displayed flashing, animated, or steadily. You can connect several accessories to the Hifidelio.

This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC rules. Place the Hifidelio in the vicinity of your stereo amplifier and a power outlet. Some basic understanding of IP networking is required. The authors decline any liability with regard to the software described herein. A complete backup of a full Hifidelio disk may take several hours.

This interval should not be too short, to avoid a pumping effect. Then the Hifidelio starts using the operating system of the disk. This menu option allows you to prevent unwanted changes, for instance deleting songs, changing the network settings, etc. Nevertheless the user manual contains a lot of interesting sections describing the numerous features of the Hifidelio in detail and deserves a closer look.