He taught himself to play the guitar before joining the E. You can definitely convey a lot of emotions through a computer or an electronic instrument. Similarly, the use of bells on “In Gray” add an element of meditative beauty that draws the listener in even more deeply. Her art — research focus has been…. The festival is organised by Cosmin Tapu and Mihaela Vasile. Tantric hammer blows of time. I come from a classical background but I was pretty young when I started to play with bands and make experimental music.

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Her sets are rhythmic equations of break, Techno, UK music and Noise,…. Most of his compositions hudnadottir both…. This is exciting, tranquil, and melancholic stuff and at times it makes you think of a lost place and times gone by – and the music has the power to take you there. Jon Wozencroft Mastered gydnadottir Denis Blackham.

Beste Aydin achieved notable acclaim as a classically trained pianist, yet her latest project sees her transform into a different creature altogether…. The chdh collective studies the relationship between image and sound by creating audio and visual algorithmic synthesizers.

Charlotte Bendiks got interested in electronic music at a young age. Moritz Simon Geist has a fascinating background, both in classical music and robotic engineering.


Hildur Gudnadottir – Mount A. CD. Bleep.

It has been called “the perfect soundtrack to get lost in a forest at night”, but this version, remastered by Denis Blackham, sounds fresher and better than ever. Gil Delindro is a multidisciplinary artist focused on the conflicting relationship between the ego, nature and technology. Just as the identity of Brussels remains unclear, forever shifting and very much alive, so is the sonic world SAGAT conjures, moving….

I love it, total expression! No emails on the cello, not yet, at least. Other articles in Read Read. This interview took place in her Kreuzberg studio on a sunny January afternoon, surrounded by bespoke instruments that she is working with. I would spend a week writing a code and afterwards I would maybe get a beep. Stavanger born, Berlin based vocalist Stine Janvin Motland works with experimental music, sound and audiovisual performance.

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About Our aim The team History. He is based in…. Streaming and Download help. Now gudnadoftir in London, where she hosts…. It was in when Hyperaktivist started to work on setting the groundwork for her DJ career. I can also attach these resonating chambers to the instrument or divide them in space. You can mix them together.

Among others, you also worked with Throbbing Gristle. Mojnt Tjon a Tham NL transforms spaces into a sensory environment through kinetic machines, light and sound. It’s instrumental music that sets up and sustains a foreboding mood, like the soundtrack to a highly polished film about Men with Secrets.


Review: Hildur Guðnadóttir – Mount A

Tim Shaw is an artist and musician interested in the relationships between site, sound and technology. By clicking below, you agree that we may process your information in accordance with these terms. On the last record, you used the voice. With hindsight, however, it has remained intriguing to note that even at her most impulsive and unfiltered, she never allowed her inspirations to stifle her creativity, tightly integrating them into an intriguing cobweb of allusions.

You can definitely convey a lot of emotions through a computer or an electronic instrument. At the crossroads where man meets machine stands Volition Immanent, a two-man band intent on delivering highly personal live performances that shock,….

For me making and playing music is the most natural thing in the world. Fragile cello and piano recall the bleak childhood of brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke spent in a large prefab estate in East Berlin.