Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. Bugs and Shortcomings — Apple fixed some bugs and serious misbehaviours, including the infamous “go first marked card” bug. The system can link phone numbers on a user’s computer together and enable them to dial numbers without a modem, using a less expensive piece of hardware, the Hyperdialer. One of HyperCard’s strengths was its handling of multimedia , and many multimedia systems like Macromedia Authorware and Macromedia Director are based on concepts originating in HyperCard. HyperCard saw a loss in popularity with the growth of the World Wide Web, since the Web could handle and deliver data in much the same way as HyperCard without being limited to files on a local hard disk. The script is a text field whose contents are interpreted in the HyperTalk language.

hypercard 2.2

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Improvements and Enhancements — Version 2. Many basic arrow-key navigation shortcuts are documented only deep in a Help stack.

HyperCard – Wikipedia

Retrieved January 23, The beauty of HyperCard is that it lets hyprcard program without having to learn how to write code — what I call “programming for the rest of us”. HyperCard hypeecard made it possible for people to do things they wouldn’t have ever thought of doing in the past without a lot of heavy-duty programming.

Retrieved from ” https: It was initially released in Augustwith the understanding that Atkinson would give HyperCard to Apple only if the company promised to release it for free on all Macs. Buttons can be disabled, and can be in standard Mac style.


HyperCard is one of the first products that made use of and popularized the hypertext concept to a large popular base of users. Hypercafd stating that “like any first entry, it has some flaws”, the magazine wrote that “HyperCard opened up a new category of software”, and praised Apple for bundling it with every Mac. HyperCard has been used for a range of hypertext and artistic purposes.

You can also control the XCMD yourself, so that color objects can change in interesting ways as part of a handler: You can also display full color PICTs as hypercar of the card. During this period, HyperCard began losing market share.

After our addition of in-browser early Macintosh emulation earlier this year, the Internet Archive now has a lot of emulated Hypercard hypeercard available for hypercrd, and we encourage you to upload your own, easily and quickly.

Each object has a solid color and can have a beveled edge of adjustable thickness. If it does, the HyperTalk engine runs the handler; if it does not, the runtime examines other objects in the visual hierarchy. Besides letting you calculate, manipulate variables, loop and test, and do all the hyperdard things you expect from a programming language, HyperTalk includes system messages reporting user actions, commands to simulate them, and functions and “properties” to obtain and alter the state of the interface and the machine.

hypercard 2.2

Here’s what they’ve done with it”. Objects can be double-clicked.

hypercard 2.2

The Merryxmas virus was discovered in early [23] by Ken Dunham, two years before the Concept virus. The new version included an on-the-fly compiler that greatly increased hypercsrd of computationally intensive code, a new debugger and many improvements to the underlying HyperTalk language.


HyperCard 2.2: The Great Becomes Greater

Color seems part of the card: Because HyperCard executed scripts in stacks immediately on opening, it was also one of the first applications susceptible to hypercarv viruses. Each card contains a set of interactive objects, including text fields, check boxes, buttons, and similar common graphical user interface GUI elements.

Retrieved August 18, A statement in a script, or a multiple statements in a container, can be sent into the system in any of these languages via the “do” command. From August [, when it was announced] to October our phones never stopped ringing.

Using these features, it is easy to build linked hypwrcard similar to hypertext links on the Web. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Users build or modify stacks by adding new cards. Development continued with minor upgrades, and the first failed attempt to create a third generation of HyperCard.

Because of the product’s widespread use as a multimedia-authoring tool it was rolled into the QuickTime group.

Back cover copy “The Complete HyperCard Handbook” is your best choice for learning and mastering HyperCard whether you are a professional or a beginner. Before the advent of PowerPointHyperCard was often used as a general-purpose hpercard program. If you love the Mac, you should worship Bill Atkinson.