The Crossroad Publishing Company. Africa Today 40 4 , special issue on chal lenges to democracy: As Lewinson’s description of uswahilini illustrates: The Plague of Fantasies. A number of studies of Bongo Fleva and Tanzanian Hip Hop discuss how musicians in Tanzania are involved with current political realities, addressing This content downloaded from Journal for Cultural Research, 12 1:

izvorni dar 2013

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This description is a complete reversal of the critical message raised in the original version in which he represents Mbagala as one of the neglected urban spaces in Dar es Salaam with regard to poor roads and limited provision of other social services.

dwr The songs show Mbagalan subjects being discontent with the limited provision of social services and desiring something better which is denied by the postcolonial urban class-based system of social relations. Flowever, since Tanzania’s independence in this inherited system has been transformed into segmentarity based mainly on class and income inequality.

izvorni dar 2013

The discussion is also enriched by a concept of conviviality as used by Achille Mbembe This transformation makes possible the process of internalization. Genre and the African City: Then he kneels down before the girl and starts to sing to beg her to return home.

izvorni dar 2013

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. As Lewinson’s description of uswahilini illustrates: He also uses US fake dollar notes because US dollar occupies a more prestigious status in the minds of many people in Tanzania as it is more stable and stronger than the Tanzanian shilling, although Tanzanian shilling is the commonly used and official currency in Tanzania.


The representa tion of Mbagala in this video also fits perfectly into Mbembe’s description of postcolonial urban condition as characterized by overloading: The history of Taarab music tells us how music was part and parcel of 203 life during the reign of sultan Seyyid Barghash of Zanzibar who called upon instrumentalists and singers such as the legendary Siti Binti Saad to perform at his palace AskewRobertFargion Assefa – Bruce Wm.

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University of Chicago Press. In other words, one’s desire which the subject is constrained or prohibited to attain in reality is only accessible to the subject in the world of fantasy Evans Click here to sign up. In the area of culture and sports Diamond praises Kikwete for bringing to Tanzania a football team from Brazil to play with Tanzanian teams. These acts of conviviality, acts of modifying oneself in order izvormi get along with postcolonial powers, are tactics of a person who occupies a weak position in a system of power.

izvorni dar 2013

The Plague of Fantasies. The song puts it thus: Histories from Emerging African This content downloaded from It has at its disposal no base where it can capitalize on its advantages, pre pare its expansions, darr secure independence with respect to circumstances. Shall We Go Home?

Izvorni Dar Braca Pejinovic

They identify three fashions or forms of segmentarity of This content downloaded from The lyrics of the two songs described above suggest that the musicians’ defence of the urban segmenting system is an act of conviviality and that conviviality is a postcolonial tactic of survival for marginalized postcolonial subjects.


The concept dag Bongo in Bongo Fleva is etymologically connected to a Swahili word ubongo ddar. In educational system one progresses from grade one, two, three, etc.

Edited by James G. The transport condition, though not izvotni in the lyrics of the song, is portrayed in the music video in some details. Among other popular songs, Dr.

Development in Prac tice 11 2: On the contrary, they desire these objects because they see their models desire these same objects. Why is staying in Mbagala a problem?

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The word ‘Mbagala’ written in red colour appears on a screen identifying this place as Mbagala. An Historical Examination of a Process of ‘Africanisation’. International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music 42 1: The song begins with an instrumental introduction of a repeated unaccompa nied on At this juncture, the video shows Diamond walking figure played guitar.