My film music was gaining popularity in Bengal. Recently Hemanta-da used to tell my friends,”What’s Salil upto nowadays? Palkir gaan was recorded in And they were successful. At one function, the principal of Cotton College refused to believe that I was Salil Chowdhury – the composer of Hemanta Mukherjee’s path-breaking song. But my voice may betray me, so I decided to record them at the first oppurtunity.

kono ek gayer bodhu mp3 song

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Kono Ek Gayer Bodhu

Do you know something? I remained in Bombay.

kono ek gayer bodhu mp3 song

So we decided to meet some other time, think about new themes for songs, etc. But my voice may betray me, so I decided to record them at the first oppurtunity. The song became a smash hit as soon as it was released.

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Gayer Bodhu – Hemanta video. When I had sang the song to Hemanta-da, I had just given him a few hints about the orchestration. After the recording session Hemanta-da remarked, “Salil, you have given words to expressions of my heart.

Amidst his busy schedule, Hemanta-da flew to Calcutta one day and sought me out. Tell him to concentrate on his real work.


Kono Ek Gaer Bodhur Kotha Tomae Mp3 Song Download Hemanta Kumar Mukhopadhyay – RaagSong

I came to know of Hemanta Mukherjee in the mid 40’s. These songs did not exactly suit Hemanta-da’s voice, which he also understood and there were no hard feelings.

Under Binay Roy’s leadership and Georga-da’s influence they had involved themselves with the people’s movement.

It took more than three months to compose. Hemanta-da became very touchy on this. Our combination for Bengali Puja numbers continued unparalled for a number of years.

A couple of years after that Hemanta-da once again recorded two of my songs – “Pathe ebar naamo sathi” and “Dhitang Dhitang bole”.

Then both of us got busy in our own spheres of work.

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I was not upset, but I felt bad about it. A few years before this incident Hemanta-da had recorded ‘Thikana’ in Bombay. Hemanta-da was very happy when he heard the song. I returned home, wrote the second part of the song and set the tune. In Calcutta, ‘Jashoda Bhavan’, located near Golpark, was our frequented hideout and a hub for political meetings.


The rest was all his creation. Personally I feel that this was an outstanding album. But he was apprehensive, “These songs cannot be recorded in these times.

kono ek gayer bodhu mp3 song

Earlier George-da and Priti Sarkar used to sing these songs. Poet Sukanta Bhattyachariya Music by: Hemanta-da had come forward that day and saved me from an embarassing situation. Casual Mobile recording during our Harmonica class. Hemanta-da refrained from singing my songs for a few years. If you have any other songs I might sing them.

He was overjoyed to hear ‘Palkir gaan’ – a new experiment, a risk only he could dare to partake.

kono ek gayer bodhu mp3 song

Kono ek gayer bodhur kotha tomay sonai sono Hemanta Mukherjee Song: Recently Hemanta-da used to tell my friends,”What’s Salil upto nowadays?