Staff Reviewer July 1st Comments. M-Phazes is the perfect example of a diamond in the rough. A couple of good tracks but so very inconsistent. Due to that fact, it would be nigh on impossible to not have some issues with flow, but in general, M-Phazes does a fantastic job in adapting his beats to each individual rapper. Another key component to the variety and, ultimately, the success of ‘Good Gracious’ is M-Phazes’ love for live instrumentation.

m-phazes good gracious instrumentals

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On 2 Music Lists. A couple of good tracks but so very inconsistent.

m-phazes good gracious instrumentals

Dare I say it, but maybe there’s an opportunity there for you to write your 1st review. I agree on the opener with Solo Do you have the artwork for this album?

m-phazes good gracious instrumentals

Once I’m done fucking the shit out of your father. No matter what one may think about the lyrics and vocals on this album, fans of the hip-hop genre should be impressed by the quality of the beats and overall production work evident on ‘Good Gracious’.

If not on an international scale, then on a local one at the very least. Connect to Spotify Dismiss.


Good Gracious Instrumentals & Acapellas

Hey, I’ve done about 10 hip-hop reviews before! Fair call with the “inconsistent” comment AwesomeSauce. Not only does he have the necessary ambition to take on the world, but if debut LP ‘Good Gracious’ is anything to go by, he also has the talent.

Since you haven’t written any review for 6 weeks. Running order Running order Most popular. The track with Solo rules. More Love this track Set track as current obsession Get track Loading.

Outside Lands takes live music to a higher level Fest. Similar Artists Play all. Too busy now that you’re a superstar huh? Awesomesauce July 1st Comments. In what is going to sound contradictory, I tend to prefer mainstream hip-hop, but I absolutely hate most of what is called mainstream hip-hop these days.

m-phazes good gracious instrumentals

Initially from the Gold Coast, but now based in Melbourne, Mark Landon – professionally known as M-Phazes – may not yet be a household name, but could one day be insstrumentals in the same breath as Timbaland and Dr. To Pimp a Butterfly. Many of the big names of Australian hip-hop are here, with arguably The Hilltop Hoods and Downsyde being the major exclusions.

External Links Apple Music mphazes. Even as a born and bred Aussie no, I don’t have a pet kangaroo or wrestle crocodilesI can understand why international listeners have trouble coming to terms with hip-hop emanating from the land down under.


Luckily for you I also love hip hop and, like you, prefer the older stuff. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. I was hoping Urthboy contributed to this too. AtavanHalen July 1st Comments. A new version of Last.

M-Phazes – Good Gracious Instrumentals & Acappellas – Out Now – aahh

instrrumentals Over the course of 15 tracks, there are 15 different artists providing vocals. View full artist profile. It all stems from the passion he has for his craft, a trait specifically referred to by Horrorshow’s Solo on excellent opener ‘For What It’s Worth’. Another key component to the variety and, ultimately, the success of ‘Good Gracious’ is M-Phazes’ love for live instrumentation.

Vooligan July 1st Comments. A great opportunity insyrumentals sample a diverse range of Australian hip-hop.