Adding a Device Once you launch InstaCal, how you add your device to depends on the type of bus interface. Configure the device and click OK. InstaCal stores hardware configuration settings in a configuration file which is read by the Universal Library when you run an application. Measurement Computing recommends that you leave the Microsoft. You can use these features in addition to or instead of using InstaCal for detection and configuration. Once selected, the device is added to the board list, and remains there until removed.

mcc daq software

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You are prompted to restart your computer after installing all of the selected packages. TracerDAQ requires the following hardware: Run InstaCal from the Start menu 3.

Measurement Computing

To change device settings, stop the UL application and run InstaCal. Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. Sign up for any available half-hour testing session here: This will give you a unique opportunity to see how you can easily capture multiple signals from your circuits via a simple USB device.

When you install the example programs, an Examples shortcut is added to the directory where you installed the UL. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Refer to the www. Only one application that calls the MCC device driver can be running at a time. Do not cancel this wizard or the device will not install properly.


mcc daq software

Supported softwae is also listed on the website: Customers outside of the U. If the device is used by a Universal Library program, changes to device configuration settings can only be made when the program is not running.

Quick Start: MCC DAQ Software

Select Damped Sine Wave from the Ch. When selected, the directory containing the example programs opens in Windows Explorer. Follow the instructions on the dialog osftware calibrate the desired channels.

Automation of various tests. When running internal tests, disconnect your signals or your cable to prevent false failures. You should run the example programs before creating your own Vis or programs.

MCC – measurement systems – Elmark Automatyka

For physical MCC devices, common DAQ options include selecting a single-ended or differential channel configuration, and selecting the voltage range to acquire. For complaints, use another form. With this test, one channel at a time is tested in a slow non-clocked sampling mode. Calibrating a Device If your device supports field calibration, complete the following steps to calibrate it with InstaCal: If the installation program does not start automatically, use Windows Explorer to browse to the root of the CD, and double-click Install.


Configuring a Device To configure a device with InstaCal, complete the following steps: Refer to the Quick Start: InstaCal stores hardware configuration settings in a configuration file which is read by other MCC DAQ software when you run an application.

There are 8 slots to choose from — with up to 5 people per slot. Select the device and click Add. On Wednesday, February 22… come test some new software from Measurement Computing! Testing a device InstaCal provides analog and digital tests to determine if the analog inputs and digital bits are working properly. The help topic for your device lists the subset of Universal Library functions that your device supports.

mcc daq software

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