They are blinding me” Dianite said as he held a hand up to block his eyes, than pulled them away to look again, then put his hand back in front of his eyes. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Ianite looked up at them in confusion. Ianite’s only drawback was she wasn’t a fighter, like her brothers, she was a diplomate. But my children have since stopped fighting as they have grown, and with age comes wisdom. Well nothing else to say so.

minecraft mianite temple map

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I have always smiled at those memories, remembering the days our family was whole and full of laughter. They would have said more but at that moment another bright light appeared above them and a teenager dropped down, Mianite and Dianite tried to slow him but he was unaffected by their powers and smashed through the table and came to a stop on the floor.

Jordan went up to Tom and helped him to his feet.

Minecraft: Mianite: BRAND NEW END DIMENSION! [S2:E21]

I hate doing this. Ianite’s only drawback was she wasn’t a fighter, like her brothers, she was a diplomate. The last time the planets aligned, my Realm was destroyed. Mianite gave him his usual ‘what the hell’ look.

I highly recommend them. Mianite grabbed Phil’s hand and helped him to his feet. Get ready for a whole miianite adventure in Diversity 2 with IHasCupquake! Ianite released from her prison, Mianite now letting people make their own choices and Dianite laughing and joking with his siblings.


That doesn’t make sense, only Trianite or the leader of the realm can wear it.

minecraft mianite temple map

The Gods and Jordan were still able to talk even though they couldn’t move. The person that bumped into him fell to the ground though.

Minecraft: Mianite Season 2: The Heroes Return! [1]

They continued over the bridge and walked inside. One chapter a week.

I could not intervene as I was still too weak from the destruction mianiet my land. Get ready for me to fail! Tom yelled and ran for cover. I swear that was all I was searching for.

Minecraft: Mianite Season 2: The Heroes Return! [1]

They found the three gods in the lower levels where Mianite keeps his extensive library. The blue sphere shocked Mianite, tejple knew that a blue sphere inside someone gave them god powers but he had no clue as to what the yellow sphere was.

There was a massive power fluctuation and a number of the students, a couple of the teachers including Dumbledore, a couple of families and the Dark Lord and a number of his loyal followers in England disappeared. Welcome to the ocean monument challenge where Joey and I prepare the necessary items to raid the new underwater temples in Etmple and defeat the Hope you enjoy and Review if you like, it motivates me Harry Potter belongs to J.


Dumbledore was amazed at the fact there were gods in this world and pride that Mlnecraft was able to catch them off guard.

No Escape Diversity 2 Ep. So we have shot from a few citizens to a few thousand people, numbering in the fifty to sixty thousand ranges. We can take you too mpa If you like. They returned to Mianite’s Library to find Ianite had moved the teen to one of the tables and was using her powers to determine what was wrong with him.

minecraft mianite temple map

Still Stranded Diversity 2 Ep. God of All of Minecraft.

Videos matching Temple of Doom | Diversity 2 (Ep.11)

After reading a cryptic book, we head off to adventure in the Tricky Redstone Diversity 2 Ep. Waglington was over in the corner talking to Dumbledore. Voldemort glared at The Shadows but gave up and resigned himself to his fate as the minion of someone a million times worse than him.