Early-nineties, when grunge and noise rock were popular, and nothing that new was happening, save for the death of glam. With these parts of the album, it is easy to see how a reviewer that is expecting another Faith No More might jump back and ask what this shit is. Bungle was signed to Warner Bros. Starting with a hilarious introduction, and then bursting into Mr. Throughout the album’s opener, “Quote Unquote” the listener is confronted with screeching saxophones, thrashing guitars, peculiar sound effects, radical tempo changes, and, of course, a wide array of strange noises that vocalist Mike Patton makes.

mr bungle quote unquote mp3

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As I said before, it gets better, and better, and better. I guess I could go around and pat other people on the back and laugh and share memories, but to me it would feel strange.

Quote Unquote (Mr. Bungle cover) | SEVEN)SUNS

This album is one of the peak examples of how something can be demented, but also boatloads of fun. The review was scathing, and whilst I cannot fathom how people would be averse to the actual music on this album, the truth is, there is about fifty-some minutes of music mixed in with a lot of guff on a seventy-minute disc. However it does have metal in its blood, something no one can deny when they hear the song My Ass is on Fire or Carnival. He sings clearly and beautifully, or he can throw a flurry of noises at you.

I think the problem is with the genre of avant-garde. So, give this disc a shot, because if you are open-minded when it comes to music then it will grow on you, and the little nuances of it will start to stick into your brain and make the music get increasingly more entertaining.


There’s a fair bit of variety in these songs, but hearing one basically means you’ve heard them all. Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk, and his solo albums.

mr bungle quote unquote mp3

Near the end uunquote the song, there is the sound of creaking wood, with Trey play chords and Trevor playing notes on the bass. Mr Bungle are indeed a surprising and unpredictable band, but the problem is, they’re nothing qote unpredictable. Meanwhile this album keeps things fairly streamlined by comparison despite its genre bending, the acquired taste for Patton’s vocals, and band’s tendency to go full blown psychotic in the middle of songs that have all the characteristics of ‘songs’.

Mr. Bungle

Bungle was signed to Warner Bros. Trey Spruance was able to play the guitar in every way imaginable and I’d argue he was the best guitarist Faith No More ever had, although perhaps never surpassed Jim Martin’s contributions to a Faith No More record, speaking solely on the topic of Faith No More’s outputs. But there’s a lack of coherence, and most of the time songwriting gets sacrificed for general weirdness. Bungle began in This was the band where everything got darker, weirder, funnier, and more unhinged.

And, while this irked me at first, people forget that Trey Spruance is a rhythm guitarist, and thus, he just plays with the rhythm, which he does in a lot of songs. Bungle, as you’ll have gathered, are a weird band. Bungle’s the band’s and the album’s greatest song.

If you honestly want to hear some unique, weird, and genius music from a band that should be bigger than half the bands out there, keep reading. What could it be! Mike sings in this lullaby fashion, and the things are moving from right to left and left to right.


While each song is drastically different in sound, the whole album feels like one solid body, whether in theme, lyrics, sound or placement on the album.

The kid that sat at the back of the class, with not too many friends. I think I was about four months old when this officially came out and even though my parents have some good taste in rock music, I’m pretty sure they weren’t jamming this back in the day. THe guitars play some dissonant and very weird chords, the drums switch between styles seemlessly, and the bass is very loud in the mix and fairly funky.

Bungle” compared to “The Real Thing”.

All the instruments played on here are amazing. Wow, where to start with this album. The best soundclips are, of course, on the best song, The Girls Of Porn.

The song “Egg” is 11 minutes long, but only about 6 m of it is music.

mr bungle quote unquote mp3

It’s particularly amazing that it works. It follows little structure, and the only sane person seems to be the drummer. But this is academic.

The effect that makes is so strange, and it is something I have never heard before.