Stefan pointed your to right direction and provided good tutorials. Sign in to vote. Hope that helps, Stefan. The task is created on Slot 7. The exception which gave rise to this error will now be displayed. Monday, September 26, 3:


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By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. Wednesday, September 28, 5: Please install the newer drivers from there, or contact Opal Kelly to receive a CD with the nii4882 full Frontpanel distribution or go to the download section of github page for the Cicero Word generator, and download and install Opal-Kelly-CD You may also need to plug an Opal Kelly device into this computer during installation of the drivers, to insure that the WINUSB windows subsystem gets installed.


NET for your reference. WriteLine “Unhandled exception when scanning connected hardware. InnerException; if innerInner is System.

C# (CSharp) NationalInstruments.NI4882.Device Examples

Show “You are probably running the wrong build of Atticus. ServerName, devices[i], channelName, HardwareChannel. These builds make use of different versions of the Opal Kelly Frontpanel libraries. Device extracted from open source projects. Toggle navigation Hot Examples.


Add deviceName, deviceDescription ; HardwareChannel. ServerName, “Serial”, s, description, HardwareChannel. Add hc, rstask ; messageLog this, new MessageEvent “Done. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

Wednesday, September 21, 6: LoadDevice devices[i] ; myDeviceDescriptions. This will cause problems.

NationalInstruments.NI4882 Namespace

I hadn’t done that before, but once I saw how to do it, life was good. Atticus will continue to run. Please check it with some code samples. I remove this for now Please press the refresh hardware button to program it. Or, if variable timebase on this device is not desired, set DeviceEnabled to false in this device’s settings. Add name ; opalKellyDevices. Device i, address ; dev.


You can rate examples to help us improve the quality ni4828 examples. Displaying exception, and then continuing to ni44882 to start Atticus.

NI Download – National Instruments

This is not allowed. StackTrace ; return BufferGenerationStatus.


Suspect that GCs during the run may be the cause of sporadic buffer underruns. Show “As of version 1. They will be set back to connected if they are detecter later in this method. Show “Atticus encountered an unhandled exception when scanning for connected hardware.