Threads for this page. Page of 99 Go. This section contains the following information: The SIM page will open. Print page 1 Print document 99 pages. It is the main point of entry for all your work with MiFi. If MiFi is unable to pre-configure your settings, you will need the Access Point Name APN from your service provider plus any username, password, or other information they may have given you.

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The WiFi Profiles eoftware Don’t have an account? Internet Profiles Internet Profiles The Internet Profiles page allows you to configure your device to work with your service provider by entering the APN, username, and other information that your provider requires and provides to you.

When debranded, both the firmware and software will be the generic Novatel firmware.

Authentication — Locked to Open Access for all profiles. The master reset button is recessed in a hole on the back of the device. Related Content Thanks to keyword tags, links to related pages and threads are added to the bottom of your pages. Internet Settings Internet Settings The Internet settings page allows you to set the MiFi device to auto-connect, to enable the Modem Event log, and establish the network technology that MiFi tries to connect to.


Password Page This page allows you to create a new administrative password. The WiFi log is primarily used for troubleshooting. The SIM page will open. Then type your administrative password into the login window and click Login. Overview Overview The following tips will help solve many common problems encountered while using MiFi. This profile generates a temporary network name and network key that you can use to allow others to connect to your device without you having to share your security settings or change your secure profile.

Choosing A Profile Security — The type of security the profile is using.

Debranding Novatel MiFi / – 3G modem wiki

The Internet Profiles — You will need a paperclip or similar object to novattel the button. This information includes the following: In addition you can upload files to the card or delete files from it. Port Forwarding Port Forwarding Incoming traffic from the Internet is normally prevented by the firewall from reaching devices on your local wireless network. Internet Configuration Internet Configuration The Internet menu provides status information for your connection to the Internet, allows you to configure your MiFi to work with your service provider, and view information about your MiFi.

Novatel MiFi 2352 User Manual

If contact has been made, wash the affected area with large amounts of water and seek medical advice. This manual is also suitable for: Then you can reconnect. Open the MiFi Home page http: In the event of a battery leak: This information is presented as a resettable counter.


For one thing you might lose your warranty and also some providers include special tools which you will lose. Novstel Problems And Solutions Common Problems and Solutions Before you read on, all of the steps mentioned here are given novwtel more detailed form elsewhere in the user guide.

The Password page will open. This section contains information on installing the software, configuring your new profile, and connecting to the network.

Novatel Wireless MiFi 2352 HSPA review

Port Filtering Port Filtering Port Filtering allows you to enhance the security of your system by only allowing certain applications to reach the Internet. This procedure is only tested on the MiFibut since the is just a for American frequencies, I think it works the same. When a reference is given, click the link to go to the more detailed information.

The MAC address is a unique code specific to a particular piece of hardware such soctware a network adapter. However, debranding also has some disadvantages.