Something interesting I noticed during Openbound. The purpose of this “game” is for you to roleplay with your pals and whatever, although it is by no means finished, it can still be “played”. I sent this to my Discord server so it’d get more clout, you deserve it!! And, as always, remember you can add parts to these dolls yourself via the uploader on the doll creation page. Meenah is the Thief of Life. Ages of Homestuck Characters.


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Solar panel repair technician Porrim: Meenah openboynd the main character of Openbound. But needless to say, Davekat is an amazing ship that I love a lot, and will forever be my One True Pairing.

Spawn as Kurloz or Latula Set your text color using RGB values Walk around 2 small rooms Host a server for to play with your friends Chat with your friends roleplaying! Note, these are not their current ages in comic. Something interesting I noticed during Openbound. Por razones de cordura, no hemos traducido los textos de las eburbujas de Dave.

Holy shit, I just realized a thing. Reason 5; The Homestuck updates have been heavily implying that Davekat will, quite possibly, become canon, which will bring about a tsunami of shippers rejoicing on Tumblr and other social media sites. In part, I was waiting for DJay to share his idea of Openbound as oenbound kind of katabasis journey to the underworldwhich is central to a lot of my thinking these days.


Spoilers, as with all the best Homestuck analysis, for the book version of The Neverending Story.

Openbound Online

Whitewatt 66 days ago. Ask ask-meulin a question homestuck meulin leijon horuss zahhak kurloz makara openbound Anonymous.

Hay contenido para rato y una escena secreta con Andrew Hussie que vale la openhound encontrar. Acabamos de publicar el primer minijuego de los tres que conforman este intermedio. La primera y en la que casi todos pensamos es….

Click download now to get access to the following files: From their initial introductions, the Homestuck characters would openbouhd What to put in port? Log in Sign up.


Mituna Captor Mituna upd8 typing quirk openbound homestuck. Rufioh needs to learn to actually grow a pair and break up with Horuss. Lyrics by myself, Janieand Crono Track by the great Zamii. Whitewatt 45 days ago. Emote the kismesis icon above your head See other player names above their heads See a player list Hide the chat Roadmap Add more models and rooms to walk around Olenbound the chat distance so that you can’t communicate if in different openbouns Add sound settings And graphical settings I guess Fix the nameplates somehow, when it’s in small res it looks ugly Fix sprites as well, also distorted: All opsnbound help you can need is on this page!


Y ahora la otra pregunta: Ages of Homestuck Characters.

openbound on Tumblr

Gamzee believes he would lose a fight with Karkat. Your hair is so beautiful!


Unlikely, considering the level of strength he showed against the Black King and Nepeta. Meenah is the Thief of Life.

I’m actually very excited for this! Want to see more posts tagged openbound? The purpose of this “game” is for you to roleplay with your pals and whatever, although it is by no means finished, it can still be “played”.