Edit Manga Information What would you like to edit? Edit Manga Information What would you like to edit? Give this manga a chance. It seems so realistic, as in how would the children act. In both cases the female lead is adorable but the contact at first doesn’t go very smooth. SFX are part of the art and as such should be left in place, their translation being typeset in small size next to them or on the margins as notes. Similarly, Natsumi Okajima, a mother of two girls, has had enough of her husband’s adulterous behavior and leaves him.

orange yane no chiisana ie

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I grew incredibly attached to the main character and Natsumi. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie Manga Review

Love So Life add permalink. In both cases the female lead is adorable but the contact at first doesn’t go very smooth.

Nothing ever felt very serious or real, but in the end this is supposed to be a fluffy happy story. Overall the story’s okay and I laughed more than chiixana, but I only finished because it was oarnge scanlated. She was the cause of contention half the time.

Last updated on December 29th, Lorelei All reviews 40 people found this review helpful. And for that alone I think the manga deserves to be read, or at least deserves to be given a try.


Natsumi really is an idiot of epic proportion chapter 51, 53 but lucky for her, their problems occur orante sequence and in my view out of order. Chapters 51, 53 and 56 cemented my views on the couple.

orange yane no chiisana ie

Andy rated it chiisans was amazing Feb 12, Ok, though I skim almost the last half ue I still can understand what is going on each chapter This manga come up with good theme for SoL story. The troublesome character just appear to interfere with MC daily life. Jul 07, Douglas Cootey rated it really liked it Shelves: This site uses cookies. All four kids were great Youta, Rina, Ryouta, and Luna.

MANGA: Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie

Parag Kapadia rated it really liked it Jan 20, Both families are just too perfect, the father in particular has hot women throwing themselves at him left and right and the guy never even considers cheating on his new “wife” for a moment.

The shallow nonsensical drama is completed with the fact the characters have paper thin personalities.

I will go and have dinner with him. Other books in the series. Senakagurashi add permalink Both stories start out with 2 people ending up in the same building block with an awkward feeling at start but ho they get to know eachother better over time.


Orange Roof consists, and highly develops the main cast. All in all, Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie was a good investment of my time.

orange yane no chiisana ie

I’m a sucker for those. So it feel they are just plot device so the story can progress. Read recommendations by 2 more users. Overall, though, I found the story very heart-warming and entertaining.

orange yane no chiisana ie

It touches upon a rather tragic situation divorces, left with children in a very light-hearted fashion, while not trying to undermine the seriousness of it.

Everything else can be ignored or left as notes.

Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie

On reading lists On wish lists On completed lists On 87 unfinished lists On custom lists. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Marina is about a 16yo guy and a woman of a few years older. Those character some is minor, but some is important. Shoutarou slightly neglected his wife because he thought working and providing would make them happy.