I sure as hell don’t have windows installed on any real hardware here: The top and bottom display A and B Bands of this radio work independently and can be set up for different bands UHFVHF , different activities Hamairband , or to address any different configuration your activities require. I just replied there, please, lets take the discussion to the list. I asked for a capture tool in the developers mailinglist, hope I get a response so I can start debugging. Salve, uno degli rtx portatili piu’ appetibili e venduti sul mercato ham, perche’ economici, 40 euro, display reverse , potenza elevata, antenna performante, etichetta alfanumerica, e’ appunto il POLMAR DB4, nelle varie fiere ha spopolato, molto somigliante, se non uguale, al baofeng UV5R Rating:

polmar db-4 software

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The mailing list or IRC would be a good place to ask your questions. Show 16 more replies. Couldn’t find the debug. By n5ywh posted June 12th3: By kc2abv posted January 23rddb4 By DCU62 posted October 25th8: By soliman posted February 24th6: Will report back when I have something to show.

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By thedung33 posted October 8th8: I think that from looking at your own log and the code, you should be able to suss out the differences pretty easily, but hopefully dn-4 will help.


I know what the binary frequency file which is used by the official software is made up of and I can create one from Excel through a hexeditor to convert the hex-string to actual binary data, something Excel can’t create. CHIRP is a free, open-source tool for programming your amateur radio. From the debug log: Okay, will install Win7 x86 real soon and monitor from within the VM. Once that’s done, I like to push the config to the radio, softwwre open the Baofeng software, to enable any other-than-normal offsets, change whether sottware not they will be scanning channels, lockout any transmits that I need to, and to adjust power levels… Just seems like both versions of software have their own things they are easier for.

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Newbie and I’m trying to do my pair of beofeng s. Since I can export from my massive Works great with win 7 Enterprise By jball posted October polmat8: The string in the image file is not the same as what the radio expects to start the clone, IIRC. I can upload and download using the official software without any problems.

By ldanf52 posted June 12th4: I noticed that the program wiped each time the radio goes off. Connect and programm on SFE….


Software programmazione polmar db-4

Sorry, I missed that you had done that. Then I can upload the channels with Chirp, read from the radio and then alter all settings and upload the complete file to the radio.

By ldanf52 posted September 26th1: It is in the dropdown list after loading the py module. Show 1 more reply.

polmar db-4 software

I am trying to install this software on windows 10 on a 64 bit system. Only thing I need is get the USB serial cable to work, but it is a generic Prolific one, so hope that works.

polmar db-4 software

Program memory channel details just as for Band A. Spreadsheet layout with many point and click options.

polmar db-4 software

I also read the Intek issue and tried to create a polmar-db50m. Already found that one and tried all suggestions. I have installed it and am trying to program Kenwood Land Mobile radio. If you see the new model in your plmar drop-down during clone, then it’s loading it properly.