Do you have a take on this? I also changed the order of connect my signals! Qt provides different solutions: This bit is very simple, not the problem I think. Thank you in advance: Asked 3 years, 6 months ago.

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The Qt GUI must run in this thread. I am killing my threads via: Still found it after more than 6 years! Hopefully, the Qt Project effort will help get updates on subjects like these into the regular documentation, though this ultimately depends on having enough people with commit sthreads and available time to review and merge them into the mainline Qt tree. This bit is very simple, not the problem I think.

A common example is to produce thumbnails from a list of images. First paragraph, next to last sentence, grammar: As I started to use it like this, I never got thread problems anymore.

It seems qthrsads there is a bottelneck that exists on Windows but not under Linux. Background processing can sometimes be done conveniently using a timer to schedule execution of a slot at some point in the future. Timers cannot be stopped from another thread What should i do?

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If you can provide a quick update on how your example qthreaxs extended to lists, that would be great! Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.


Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Simultaneous execution of operations by different threads on one object must be prevented. I could be wrong. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

The main reason is essentially that you only sub-class when you absolutely have to. This means if you modify the QString in one thread while the other is using it, a crash may result. Turns out it was because of the concerns raised above with deleteLater, using Glowcode to profile my memory usage i found that something was holding a Shared memory reference to the pixmap after everything had been completed.

A thread may provide its own stack which, though it can be accessed across threads, is expected to be used for thread local automatic variables to help alieviate re-entrancy problems.

Sandia National Laboratories: Qthreads

Thank you for clearing this up for me. How do you start the thread? I also changed the order of connect my signals! AutoConnect is used in connect and both objects are in the same thread at that moment.

Qt provides different solutions: The Qt documentation also has an article on which type of concurrency to pick depending on the situation.


By the way, one extremely important thing to note here is that you should NEVER allocate heap objects using new in the constructor of the QObject class as this allocation is then performed on the main thread and not on the new QThread instance, meaning that the newly athreads object is then owned by the main thread and not the QThread instance.

And profiled it again everything is looking a lot better. Qt docs say QThread:: What would the newer connect statement syntax be if I were to try something like: The approach in this blog article still has a lot of overkill in it. Choosing which to use will, of course, depend on what the implmentation intends to do. Cases where the qthreeads of a QThread is warranted is where one needs a lot qthraeds control over the creation, use and disposal of said thread.

I use this framework surrounding a QSerialPort. Email Required, but never shown.