To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Hope you like it. Dates of Posts Added: Modumudi Sudhakar’s recital was replete with popular kritis and ragas. The brief alapana touched the fringes of this ragam while the sangathees were well laid out.

sangeetha samrajya sancharini

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The improvisation embellished the pallavi in its full potency.

Another hot favourite with women in particular was the Sarasi janabha sodhari… in Nagagandhari Dikshitar which did not make a dent on the sensitivities. NASA gives you a chance!

sangeetha samrajya sancharini

It matches so well with the sloka and the song. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of sanxharini posts by email.

Other Composers

We wish to make a special mention about Atana, considered a scholarly raga with complicated swara sequences more than one acceptable arohanam – avarohanam.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Ennaganu Rama bhajana Bhadrachala Ramadas began in a rather lukewarm manner but gained momentum with the neraval asngeetha Sannuthinchi Sri Rama … and manodharma later which was indeed praiseworthy. Posted by Bhavana on March 3, at Kanchi paramacharya devam Chandrasekharam… scaled the three octaves steadily with Sudhakar exhibiting his full command over the medium.


sangeetha samrajya sancharini song

The audience wallowed in the raga vistaram relishing the cadence of what followed and the pallavi was a carefully crafted piece in praise of the Paramacharya of Kanchi, in keeping with the occasion of his jayanthi celebrations. Modumudi Sudhakar’s recital fell into the second category. Based on his suggestions we have bought an iMic and an external microphone; we feel this has greatly improved the audio quality and we are eager to know your feedback.

The alapana for Panthuvarali nor Saneetha earlier for that matter was all that impressive, considering the innate sweetness and richness of these two ragas respectively. All rights are reserved. The ragamalika that followed was also perfect.

May Goddess Sri Saraswathi Bless you and your family.

Flashes of brilliance

The swaram was touching at the core of one’s being, so typical of a Shyama Sastri lyric! You are commenting using your Google account.

sangeetha samrajya sancharini

Venkat, who spent quite some effort and gave us valuable inputs on improving the quality of recordings. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment sanrajya Raga Surabhi This week’s update features the following: Dates of Posts Added: Notify me of new comments via email. The Malavi poured forth like a gushing river with Nenarunchinanu… with its rapid action chittaswaram that was reeled out effortlessly by the vocalist.


sangeetha samrajya sancharini

Each time we sing this song at our home during festivals, definitely we will remember you always. In Raga Surabhi we have published one of the commonly adopted arohanam – avarohanam. Atana and Thilang are our new ragas for the week. Printable version Sep 30, 3: Vijaykumar as well who helped us in shipping the equipment from the US.

The opening with Nata ragam and a Pancharatna kriti- Jagadhananda karaka … was the usual rendition sans any frills or laces.

Weekly Blog Week 44 Updates (Week) : Raga Surabhi

We are fortunate to have well wishers like Mr. It was replete with popular kritis and ragas with varied composers and talams. The centrepiece being the highlight of this sahgeetha, the others need to be dealt in order of merit.

June 07, Posted by meeraghu on March 3, at 1: