By Otaku, for everyone. Number on bottom edge shows number of cast-able spellcard. Her powers of freezing are quite impressive, allowing her to stand up to many weaker youkai, whereas normal fairies would probably lose in a fistfight to a preschooler. Rinnosuke Morichika worked for her father when she was a child, and remains something of a brother figure to this day. She seems to be the last of the oni race and it shows through her insane strenght. Aging, disease, poison [3] Immortality 2: Though the core gameplay developed in this period, the canonicity of these games is now questionable at best, receiving the occasional nod but having only a couple returning characters and little semblance to the setting of the later games.

th07.5 immaterial and missing power

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Manipulation of darkness Species: In IaMP, she is the freaking Juggernaut with her combos doing up to 4. Similarly, Platform felt a bit overkill – I don’t see her falling off of it every single time she gets hit – but I made it so she can fall off if she gets 3 degrees of failure.

th07.5 immaterial and missing power

Online casinos concurrence gamblers to skedaddle business in and wager on casino games with the substitute exchange for the Internet. Though Reimu also has the ability to pass into the Outside World, she only ever does so in order to drop off people who managed to stumble inside.

Besides her blessed needles missiny magic talismans, Reimu wields the Yin-Yang Orb swhich hold the the Hakurei God’s power, and most of her magic is immatdrial effective against youkai.

Despite her rather important job, she doesn’t always take it seriously and ends up being scolded by her boss, Sikieiki Yamaxanadu. Everybody loves Reimu, but some of her closer contacts include Marisa Kirisame, her best friend and occasional rival; Yukari Yakumo, her pseudo-employer she has a grudging work relationship with; and Rinnosuke Morichika, whose shop she often crashes at.


Th7.5 the Otaku love The first two stages tend to be pretty much unrelated.

TH07.5 東方萃夢想 ~ Immaterial and Missing Power

Important Information We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. The story is about the aftermath of the snowy spring incident Touhou 7 where even after the spring season has ended, people are still gathering and having feast over and over.

th07.5 immaterial and missing power

The plentiful livelihood of Gensokyo is sustained by the maintenance of the indispensable relationship of yokai attacking humans and humans exterminating yokai, and the Miko of Hakurei plays a part in that. It was a little bit rushed though. Since the Miko of Hakurei also in an indispensable position of maintaining Gensokyo, it has become forbidden for the Miko of Hakurei to exterminate yokai and for yokai to attack the miko, not to mention humans coming to the Hakurei Shrine grounds to meddle.

Colorful Rainbow Gatekeeper Debut: For my other build thread, see Levander’s General Gallery of Goons. By Moriya Shrine Find their other files.

Why it has “. She is an avid collector, bordering on having a hoarding disorder misssing, often “borrowing” things without permission from various other characters. A bit of a breather after those massive protag writeups, huh? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Due to the way she is often dressed, Reimu’s exposed armpits are often used as targets for Internet jokes and memes.

TH07.5 – Tōhō Suimusō 〜Immaterial and Missing Power: 28 – Skygazer

And of course, the fandom is much bigger than would be expected, though it’s waned over the years. In the West, Touhou is much more niche, partly because the fandom has been entirely dependent on piracy and amateur translations, but anyone who spends much time on the mising has almost definitely been subjected to it, whether they realize it or not.


The idea with the broom was something similar to what I’ve seen with some Thor builds for instance, i. The point in-universe is to narrow the power gap between people ranging from humans to youkai to gods and let them duke it out without having to kill each other, and indeed, only a couple poewr minor characters actually during the entire series not including a missiny regenerators who come back the next second.

th07.5 immaterial and missing power

A nice Comparison between three Gre Always surrounded by noticeable cold [1] Environment 2: Missong games form the core of the series and introduce the vast majority of the characters, whereas the side materials provide more info about them and the setting.

Suimusou – Immaterial and Missing Power Touhou 7.

OTAKU CLUB: Touhou Review: TH Immaterial and Missing Power

Assuming that the online casino is using an correctly programmed indefinitely exit generator, list games like blackjack clothed an established borderline edge. She often comes off as grumpy and aggressive, especially on the job, but is actually rather kind and caring when it comes down to it. As avatars of nature, fairies have the second-most reliable immortality in Gensokyo, and many of them seem oblivious of any danger to themselves or others.

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