I bought two TMACs and both were on I was able to follow all of these steps and get the AIMesh setup using the 1. Do i need to complete all steps or is it sufficient to only run the code to remove T-Mobile certificates. I did choose 1. The general fear is if the exploit directions are published Asus will quickly patch the exploit locking people into the older vulnerable TMO firmware. This will expand your rootfs partition and allow the new firmwares to install correctly! I ran into a similar problem.

tm ac1900 firmware

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You DO need to run the MD5 steps which are listed further down after the step by step procedures. If the partition is really deleted, then there should be no chance of a reversion to the T-Mobile firmwares ever again.

tm ac1900 firmware

I almost gave up on flashing it before finding your guide. Thank you for this superbly firwmare and precise guide! That’s awesome, you guys!

Nice, thanks for the heads up. Then I upgraded to the latest Asus firmware. This step brought my router back to a T-Mobile Router.


It involves using a hex editor but it’s simple cut and paste. From that point, I followed the instructions to a T and everything worked great. I guess my bricking the router was the result of a perfect storm, incomplete information and deliberate deception by Asus.

I don’t even swap to WiFi while I’m home.

Flash T-Mobile Cellspot TM-AC1900 to Asus RT-AC68U/P

My issue is that I don’t know what T-Mobile may believe I agreed to. It runs a validation check and if it determines you have an AC, it will flash you back to the AC firmware and additionally prevent you from downgrading unless you go through some complex steps either using a web server or a USB drive using an exploit.

After reboot go to I was on All seems well except for one thing. Remove the hashtags from the lines that say: Just simply perform steps 17, 18 and 20 from your guide? Any tips on how to transform a router that was rolled back to TM-AC? The restore utility doesn’t fine the router.

It was an automatic firmwaree apparently. I then made the mistake to update the firmware on my original AC68U.

Flash T-Mobile Cellspot TM-AC to Asus RT-AC68U/P – an Ephemeral Memoir of the Lazy Mocha

I have an adapter that lets me connect wired ethernet to usbwill i be able to do the steps meant for changing to static IP? I got stuck at step 23 BUT i have found a work around that firmwwre for me. Thank you very much for these easy instructions.


tm ac1900 firmware

A couple of things I noticed while flashing my router: I just called them and asked for one and they firmwarre it to me. One can manually change the clkfreq rather than use the 1. Unfortunately, this is where I got stuck. When both are powered up, they naturally become unresponsive. I cannot for the life of me get the overclock to stick.

Both show i-mesh etc. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

tm ac1900 firmware

One thing I had to do that was different. Thanks for the post!