Libman sets up a full-screen browser for all attached libs with a rich menu for customization of the LIB menu and other manipulation with libs. Easy-to-use, but not completely stable, file compressor. Protect your calculator with a fifteen-character password. After having chosen the one from which it will begin to search, you can type the entire name or part of it whatever its position , and decide whether it will be case sensitive or not. Clock runs with high precision also while paging through the month. Allows customization of the APPS choose box and many other internal boxes or menus. If no object is found, or it is invalid, the string is returned unchanged.

winhp para 50g

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Replaces the normal header line by a version with more indicators: This small program allows quick access to installed libraries using a choose box instead of soft keys. The program allows to change the font or minifont type of letter of the HP calculator 49G. EDIR is a program that provides an extended directory listing of all variables within the directory from which it is run. Stacker4x compresses and decompresses on the fly all data handled by the user, so that the user can enjoy the benefits of compression without thinking about it.


This program configures the status screen. Its viewer uses the entire screen and scrolls nicer than the standard VIEW. So if you use the comma for a fraction mark, it’s best not to use any file extension, or if you use the period as the fraction mark, use any valid file extension that you like. Command Logger Library 1. This is an invaluable program for anyone who works with dimensions, allowing all the calculator functions to work while displaying the FIF result!

Downloading File /winhp//setup-winhpexe – WinHP HP48/HP49 Editor – OSDN

Three powerful alternatives to the built-in filer of the HP 49G. I find it much easier to use my text editor and simply type in any translation sequences, but I realize that preferences do vary.

Compiles a list into an executable music in a code objectso that there isn’t a blank between each beep like with the command BEEP. Dia de la semana 1. Font and Minifont objects are provided encapsulated in a toggler. Further details included in manual. Music Interpreter which plays polyphonic music. Looks really cool, but you can’t turn off the calculator while this program is running.

User RPL program which allows one to switch key assignments and still have the new assignments work in edit mode. Makes it very simple to convert fractional inches to millimeters. By Wolfgang Rautenberg and Carsten Dominik.


The BZ-toggler creates its own powerful menu for handling BZ-strings. It replaces the multi-language support of the winup font by a sample of glyphs used in formal and informal mathematical languages.

Back Manage is a tiny library written in fast System RPL and assembly which completely manages backups on port 2. For some more general information, see my recent praa. Allows Font8 subscripts and a-z in expressions or equations by replacing the default font’s lesser-used accented characters.

Asignador de Teclas 0.

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Allows setting setting date and time in a nice graphic environement with a running analog clock and a month calendar. A quiz mode allows you to test your knowledge.

winhp para 50g

A font of size 7, mainly for logic and math. Replacement for the HP 49 system font.

winhp para 50g

Tests the battery voltage, source resistance, maximum current, and conversion efficiency. It displays the menu much faster than the build-in library menu. Program for installing libraries.

List browser similar to the one by James Donnelly, but faster, shorter, and uses less memory.