May 28th, — 2: Could anyone tell me which ROM i have to use with my jay book ? June 28th, — 6: This will differentiate you in the marketplace and give you an advantage. Copy the script folder in the root directory of your SD Card 3. The community is indirectly trying to give you a competitive advantage, for free.

wm8505 android script

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instaling android to china netbook(just sharing a noob guide

Do you already have an account? Posted 30 April – I am a complete moron when it comes to this, I need more help. The poor thing is that this ROM is the only one that worked for me until now.

The old laptop I had was Android 1.

November 22nd, — Not really that in to shooting myself in the foot as I’ve done that plenty of times with OpenWRT and routers and stuff.

September 19th, — And in the above photo you can see that my HTC Dream gets over twice the rating in bogomips than the Chinese Netbook does. You may be able to JTAG recover it if all else fails. Posted 30 August – I have the same problem. Please log in to reply. And sdript processor in this netbook is super-slow so it ends up being a bit of a pain to run.


All you need to do is open up.

wm8505 android script

Noone who reads that review will buy the product. The first boot from the SD card will take a few minutes longer than usual, because the Dalvik VM is generating its cache.

You can help him to help you, at no cost.

wm8505 android script

Not all of the WM functionality is available in source form yet, in particular VIA have chosen not to give us the video source for some reason. So I’m thinking if I break the kernel in the flash then I have a possibility of completely bricking myself out of trying again like if my compiled one can’t access flash, etc. These words apply to all similar companies, not just Wondermedia.

Sctipt the image you linked to supported by newer processors? October 12th, — I would suggest to you people out there not buy this chinese product. Integrated Windows used mostly for ATMs It is so vastly different from what you have, that there is no way of me off-the-top-of-my-head telling you how to get to the boot menu. Posted 03 September – All you have to do is extract the contents of abdroid archive and put the script folder directly in the root of your SD card.


Various people have reported that only SD cards 2Gb or smaller work reliably.

wm8505 android script

However if you know I can load a “nasty” kernel as compared to the “dirty” one it had originally, lol and still retry that would be all I need to know.

February 3rd, — 1: Alexey is doing the same for you, for free. Came with CE but I have been using Android on it. Every one of those people has modded the same proprietary WM build of Android 1.

WM8505 script folder kernel technical question

Post navigation This letter is my plea and suggestion to Wondermedia, although the theme applies to similar tech companies as well. Big players like TI, Marvell, NVidia all pay talented developers to make Linux code that is good enough for inclusion in the official kernel. OK, here it is.