The following strings are a provided for common data sources: Error in loading dll. SelectionChanged – This event is triggered when the user changes rows by clicking directly within a cell. See ADO documentation for further information on connection strings. Method Name Return Type Description. We have currently added a new wonderware screen that shows a table of the current product about to go through the mill.


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The Grid1 Properties dialog box appears: It is suggested that you test your required functionality prior to deploying the control in an application.


Published on Apr View 1. Events Tab Field 2. The control appears with its sizing handles:. Wizard Hat ActiveX Controls 3.

Find More Posts by Tark. Note that this method also calls the execute method to verify the connection to the database, you must set the SQLString property before executing the connect.


This grid has been written and tested within the InTouch container. The following table lists commonly used ODBC connection strings: Double-click the Grid Control icon.


Select the ActiveX Control Installation tab. The user has the choice of opening the Excel file and printing it later using Excel. The object can be used for a grid representation of data from a wwgenrricsqlgrid database.

Wonderware and wwGenericSqlGrid problem – – Interactive Q & A

Sets or reads the enabled state of the control. Since there is no method or property to change the column headings on the grid, utilize your query wwvenericsqlgrid accomplish this task. Although this control was created specifically for use within InTouch it can be used in any suitable ActiveX container.


This will execute the query and return the results to the grid. Click here now to try it. Unzip the installation files to a temporary directory. The password being used for the connection.

Zero indicates all records.

wwGenericSQLGrid Download ()

Click in the area of the window on which to place the control. Click Install, then Close. I do not believe it is that because only one of the 6 computers give me this error. ColumnWidthChanged – This event is triggered when wwgenericswlgrid Column width is changed. To get the selected value: Find More Posts by mcalidl. Hope this helps, Jeff.


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Generic SQL Grid

To the pessimist, the glass is half-empty. After running the installation, the Installation Complete Wizard appears: Set or reads the maximum records to be returned to the grid.

ColumnHeaders Boolean Sets or wwgenericsqltrid the value for displaying column headings. If applPATH is blank i.