The holidays as Kodachi’s wife, Kuno’s in law and the Princable as the parent in law would be so damn glorious. Hope you’re enjoying NeoGAF! Status Not open for further replies. Took me a whole week just to finally write this “notepad tab”. Aug 11, 0 0.

yapapa ranma

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Kanshiketsu89 Well, I ain’t no kabukibear but I think this turned out to be a decent arrangement.

Ranma1/2 – Don’t Make Me Wild Like You (TV Theme-English version) :: Sasslantis

In the dub yapapx comment is longer and darker: It was weird that she frequently had to hang out with Ryoga because there wasn’t anybody else left after the official couples did their thing during various arcs.

More localization houses should do that nowadays. I will hear no other arguments. Login or Register to remove this ad.


rxnma Status Not open for further replies. And if anybody is legit a secret evil dude in the series, it’s Genma. Weirdly these two are some of my mosted hated scenes in the anime.


Aug 11, 0 0. Second favorite scene behind Ryoga’s right there.

yapapa ranma

I love the crap out of Ranma, but I consider it more of a guilty pleasure, whereas those are straight up classic masterpieces. Ill admit i had the wrong scene, i thought this was yhe fight with Ranma.

Does anyone know if the bluray version comes with the latin american dub? Mar 1, 6, 0 There XianPu hating going on here? Jan 27, 2, 0 0.

Oct 15, 1, 0 0. And sticking to common chords a note combinations is actually all I can do for now Lots of spanish fandubs have now started appearing for the openings. The holidays as Kodachi’s wife, Kuno’s in law and the Princable as the parent in law would be so damn glorious.

Jan 31, 14, 1 0. I did rewatch a few scenes dubbed, and it wasn’t terrible. Sep 17, 2, 71 Sheer hero moment for Ryoga.

yapapa ranma

Anyway, have fun folks. Feb 7, 11, 1 0 Use of any tablatures on this site without permission of the tabber is prohibited. Didn’t bother with the timing too much, but it ain’t hard to figure out.


yapapa ranma

It ain’t flawless but I’m too lazy to upload another one Shampoo isnt his and he has no right saying it the way he does. Not only because she’s crazy. We’ve just launched our new Thread Tags feature, which we think you’ll find super useful.

She’s rich, and can cook.

I just think you should transcribe it to Guitar Pro and learn how to do the timing thing. Shiit, I’d stay loyal Mousse was being a hero.